Can You Change The Souls Path?

I am going to talk about Soul Archetypes. Your archetype tells a lot about who you were, who you currently are, and your soul destiny.  This of course is what we are to have decided before we were born, to learn from and heal from as our life themes. We spend a lot of time trying to change our so called “destiny” to suit our wants and desires. We want to send out into the universe these powerful wants and draw things to us. Of course this can be done. There really is no major mind blowing code to decipher to know like attracts like and you get what you give. But what becomes hard for many is understanding that, we do have a purpose here. We are not just here to gain and live in abundance. That is a small part of life. The universe does not have to “think” about anything. We do all that. It just keeps us. like a mother does her children. Our souls are what makes us who we are. We have a plan. We do not come into this life knowing what that is. It would take away the journey of being here. We have to figure this all out. Some have become awakened and can seek this understanding of their journey. Some remain blinded because they would rather not believe we planned this all out before we got here. That’s fine. You do not have to be aware, you’ll follow your life path no matter what. If you stray, you’ll know that as well. The amazing thing about tuning into the path is, you will see each step and suddenly understand how everything ties in. Why are you going through such challenges? Why am I so lost right now? How could this happen to me? Yes, we have control over many things. Free will is real. But nothing will ever change your purpose. You can change how you get there, but cannot change why you need to BE there.

Ever have something repeat over and over in your life, and you have no idea why the same things keep happening? it’s your soul telling you something. It won’t go away till you sort it out. Now this might sound contriversail and piss some off, but I believe this to be truth. Do we deserve to be ill seriously in life? No. It’s a awful thing. But that soul is experiencing this, perhaps chose to heal something that only this sort of experience can teach them. I’m not saying that we cannot heal our bodies and that certain illnesses are not from environment. But the reason why you experience is the soul is growing. This is why to judge another persons downfall in your eyes or actions/reactions/illnesses is not seeing the big picture. You do not know what the persons soul chose to learn from this. Could be reverence, could be empathy, could be love. The old saying is, “you don’t know, unless you are in that persons shoes.” Well, the soul does this. It come into this  life as a human being to feel. To heal and experience things from many angles. Perhaps in one life, a person had been without empathy, they had watched others become ill and did nothing. In this life, they asked to learn from the past and they now have become ill. We would not know this unless we open up to find your souls path.

Does this mean those who are suffering have done bad in a past life. No, it does not. Suffering is not about being punished. It’s about feeling. When you think of someone like Hitler, who has done such cruel things, you want to believe he will suffer and that no one deserved his treatment. No, in humanity, we do not and should not experience such things ever again. But his actions taught many people, many deep lessons that will never be repeated.

Think about this, had the law of attraction been something everyone was trying to do during those times, someone like Hitler has access to it, do you think the Universe would have allowed him to do such things? Yes. it would have. The LOA has been forever. It’s just the right time for more people to have awakened to the understanding of it. The souls have awakened to it. But this is not something people can use to change their soul path. Just how you get there. How you experience the journey. You can have a amazing journey of many things you are happy with, or you can chose a very difficult path, like Hitler and your circle will still come full, but you will not understand why you lived.

If you can understand what I am saying, you can even find comfort in knowing, that you have thought your soul to be this amazing and worth the challenges you gave yourself. The more you overcome, the greater you shine and the higher your vibrations become. Now those souls who have a easy life, might have already experienced things in another life, and do not have to have huge challenges. We cannot judge.

If you want a few keys as to know why you are here and what your soul type is, you have to do some honest looking into yourself. By this I mean, you must admit or be open to see things as what they are, and not how bad it might seem or how good.

Example, say you keep meeting the same type of person over and over. You get to know them, and who ever you meet always seems to drain you. You have at least 5 people in your life right now, that always complain and are never happy. Perhaps it’s not THEM, it’s you. Now the LOA says you attracted these people. Yes, you have! But why? The soul needs you to learn something. Remember, Like attracts like.  You might be thinking, Fuck you, I am not in misery. No, perhaps you are not, but your soul might need to experience empathy. Your mind fails to believe this, but your soul knows it’s stuff. What we send out is not always from our mindful desires. Like, I want that job! I want that book to sell! I want to make money! Yes, yes, you can have that. But your soul is also sending out to the universe for help in learning certain requests. You just are not always aware of this. So you can either avoid these sorrowed souls, or you can start to look into different ways of dealing with them. Slowly, you will notice, things will shift. You are learning and opening up to a lesson you needed. These people might not leave, but your view of them will drastically change. You will also see something in yourself change.

Next time you see something repeat in your life, ask the universe what it is you must learn from this. Then, be open to the answers. Perhaps it’s not a lesson you feel you need, but the soul knows better then the mind. The universe will listen to your soul before your ego!

I’ve got much more thoughts on this, but my mind is doing a few things right now. more blog to come…

Comfort Zones

I’ve been thinking about this a lot. How in life, we all have this certain place we call a comfort zone. Be it your job, your home, your love life; we never question it, and stay in it because it’s comforting. How does this happen to us? As children, we are the fire of adventure. The innocence makes us dare to dream and push limits. Something happens in life, where things do not go as we planned, and instead of not giving up, we find this comfort zone. It’s a double edged sword. We all need a safe place to go to when life is harsh. We spend our lives looking for this. We have it down to a science. But we slow down our growth as souls. I’m not saying one needs to jump from a plane to step outside a comfort zone; but for some that might be what it takes. look at how people stay with each other in relationships, who are not really matched well, but think they will be alone. Or they think they fear hurting a bit, maybe they have material things they don’t want to lose by moving on.  People grow and change, and who someone might have been (right for you at the time) they could have grown over time.  Maybe the job has become a drone. You are not challenged and it’s a easy drive and you’ve been there so long, why leave? Comfort zone.

Yet, when someone steps out of that zone a bit, and feels the amazing feeling when they start to challenge themselves a bit, and start to feel again, they notice right away what they had been missing out on. I have known a few people, who have routines-they never stray from them. they wake up the same time, shower the same time, drive the same way to work. Their tag lines are, “if it ain’t broke, why fix it?”

These same people, I talk to, are always depressed and trying to fill voids with other things. Over eating, drinking, drugs and sitting in front of the TV for hours on end. Yes, I know, what ever makes you happy, who am I to judge?  I’m not. I’m not anyone to judge. But I’ve been there. I lived in a comfort zone, in hindsight, it was not really that comforting. I just was afraid that I’d go from a frying pan, into the fire. It’s fear. It holds you back.

People let love slip by each day, because either they are afraid of getting hurt, are with someone they are in a routine with and have that comfort zone (they are not really connected, share few passions and do not inspire each other at all) Or they have shallow ideals. Even the shallow ideals is a comfort zone. They “have not found that person yet” so better to be alone then step outside the comfort zone and date someone different then the perfect ideal.

The soul cannot help but change. Evolution is everywhere. You cannot stop time. Even if we do not make the physical changes, if it’s in your mind and heart, you already made the biggest change/step. You’ve altered your thinking and feeling. All that is left from that, is actions.

If you sit at your desk, dreaming of owning your own business, but have not made that move. You are still in the process of change. The comfort zone is the talking yourself out of it.

If you are married, but you find yourself falling for someone else, just thinking of someone else as a love is telling you something. Your heart is moving on. Why live like that? Why not take action and work towards your own business or new love?

Yes, yes, true blue. Yes, loyal to your boss and your husband/wife. Of course. But what if your boss or spouse knew you were not there 100%? Does that not hold them back as well from having someone to work for them or love them, the way they need? Comfort zones can hold you back.

Look at those who soar. Those who you admire you push limits and shine. They are in active evolution. They are humble and understand life changes. Sometimes they make the changes. When someone is exploring and opening up to understand their callings in life, they begin to see the most amazing things happening around them. They begin to “tune in” on things. It’s our OK from the universe telling us we are on the right path. You will get signs all around you if you open up your mind and accept them as just that. Maybe a house you wanted to buy, has a porch swing you dreamed of as a kid. Maybe that job you were dreaming of,  landed in the daily paper and you opened to that exact page. Why brush that off? It’s the universe telling you it’s time to change. Get out of your comfort zone and let the universe guide you a bit. Take that chance. believe. Life is short, but it’s also fucking amazing when you are not just surviving, but living.

Self Absorbed=Less Aware (something to think about)

Mulling around the Internet on these social networks and networking sites has made me step back a bit. What started off as a very useful tool to connect with others of like minds and exchange ideas and support one another, has sadly become self absorbed.  everyone has a e-book now and everyone has a product now. Everyone has a band you should hear or a website you should see. The positive thing is, more people are following  their dreams! The thing that is getting lost is, people are getting so rapped up in self promoting, they do not take time anymore to show others support. Of course you need to get your ideas and music/product/art out there, one has to be relentless in many ways. What good is it might I ask, if people tune you out though, because you never listen back?

I myself have nothing in the works for projects, I love interacting with like minded people and exploring each others ideas and encourage others in their projects. I am writing this blog in hopes to connect with others and perhaps put a project together with others in a creative sense that can have multi-layers and ideas for others searching for understanding. There are many ways to reach and feel understanding. I am not looking to make money off it or brainstorm the next The Magic In Your Mind book. But the more people you can connect with and share with, the more your eyes open and you can experience another view (one you might miss).

There are millions of blogs on line, myspace and facebook pages. Twitter is mostly people talking about their projects. I always take time to read or view anything someone shares with me. Not just for that person, but I open my mind and find something of value from it. Always. Feedback is very important. Why do it all then and put it out there? But you get what you give. If you take the time to give a little and explore WITH others, you are creating connections that will serve you well. If you just toss up your link and tell people “here read this” and never really see WHO or WHY someone does and ask, then you are missing the most valuable lesson of the exchange. The lives you touch and meant to in the first place. So if your new CD does not sell, or no one goes to see your band, or buys your e-book, perhaps it has nothing to do with how good it is, or how it touches lives; more the fact is you never took the time to get to know those who do pay attention.

I hope those who I interact with each day, know how I value them deeply. Even if it’s a poem I wrote that they read, or a blog like this I posted. A lyric or song I’ve sung, they are all part of the equation. I know when I look out into the faces of the people at my poetry reading or musical set, I know they are there because I value them, as much as they do me in that moment. Networking and becoming a Internet presence means give and take, or it’s just another “space”.


As I put down my guard, and talked through my fear,

I told you a secret, in my heart I held near.

How foolish I feel, as the words came to fall, through my fingers like prisms of light on my wall.

I look in the mirror, to find what is wrong; Is my light somehow tainted that I’ll never belong?

Could it be, what I see, in others is fake? Might my mind be near sighted and my soul is misguided?

What’s left to believe? If my world is deceived? All that I see… seemed real to me.

Perspective when interospective can cause the universe to break.

All these years, this life held silent, with a smile in my eyes and the hope never died.

Words scrolled on paper, held together by time. No one cared to read them, no one tried to find why.

How I wanted to shine.  In someones mind.

Just once.


The planets align, we go into rewind
Mercury rising, pushes us behind
Universal flow, pulls like undertow
Do we feed the flow?
How else do we know, how do we connect?
In retrospect, does it really matter?
When the mind is scattered, when emotions flatten.
Saturn will still, spin on her axis, and we break.
The energy soars, it opens the doors to the same vibes.
WE are alive! We breathe and thrive.
Dreams come to life, how do you explain this?
A surreal twist? Are you open to it?
Take my hand, let fear fall away
Our vibrations the same, though it seems very strange
it’s real.


I found one of the most powerful ways of reaching others is with creativity. To me, it’s when the most honest and truthful part of a person comes through. We are sometimes held back by fear and insecurity. When a soul is being creative, it’s vibrations and energy is able to open up the very same in others. Why do you think music is such a powerful medium for humanity? Music is the very creative expression, that has all the elements of the soul in it. The tones and notes melt into the mind and can evoke emotions and sensations. The words if there are any, can paint visual images and stories/lessons for us to think about. The galaxy and all of nature has a tone/vibration of “music” that gives order to what could become chaos. That is very powerful don’t you agree?

Numbers and scientific notations have a form of rhythm to them. Even DNA has it. Creation in any form can all come back to some sort of music. How so? Simple; when you think of string theory, you see an evolution of something. Action and reaction, polarity, energy. All of this has formula, and formula can be heard to some degree because anything sent out, has energy. Though we cannot hear the vibrations a earthquake sends off, there are seismic recorders that has capture such vibration and put it on paper as sound waves for us to see. The very same sound waves you would “See” if you put a guitar on paper as vibrations. What does this have to do with the soul and being inspired? When you open up and see how vast it is all around us, how everything gives us it’s creative energy and has been doing so for millions of years, the sun and the planets, the ocean and the elements. It gives you a greater understanding why connecting with others in a creative way hits so deeply. When you send out creativity, you inspire others to follow suit. You set off a chain reaction, much like the music of the spheres that follow a perfect harmonic balance in the universe. They “music” of the spheres can change the tides! We can as well. We are in our most perfect state when we are creating.

Ever listen to a instrument or see a color that just resonates within you? Perhaps the cello when you close your eyes, feels as though it’s vibrating in your heart area. Maybe you’ve felt as though it’s vibrations are painting your mind/soul is a beautiful deep mahogny? How beautiful to be able to share this with others. To be the cello’s creative master sending out such amazing connections to others. People in this state let down their walls and let perception in. Ever hear the term, “love me, love my art”? I believe this to be so very true.

We know music has been thought of as devine in nature for eons, as well as art and poetry. Dance has been a expression of many cultures for hundreds of years, to connect in many sacred ceremonies. When we look at a photograph someone has shared, we are seeing through someones “minds-eye”. We are opening our senses and perceptions.  In this I believe, we can find the purest form of love. When someone is sharing their creativity with us, they are being pure. When two people can sit together and create a song or lyric, sing and play piano, dance or cook a meal, they are raising their vibration levels to the highest they can be. It also soars through the universe like a ripple in the ocean. Creating more positivity around them. How very beautiful no? I believe that those who can share creatvity can have the deepest love in existence. It can change the universe. Even in the moment, with both souls. Vibrating on the same level, both will never be the same. It can heal and bring peace.

So to all the creative souls out there, please keep sharing your masterpieces, no matter what it might be. You have the power to shine!

Nose Hair Of Doom!



It was wrong,
I could not help but stare,

My attention kept turning,

To your one nasal hair.


It protruded quite vividly,

Though I tried not to gag,

The fear it would fly out,

Had my thoughts going mad.

I rubbed my own nose,

Thought you would too,

Instead you kept talking,

That plan was no good.


I offered a tissue,

You politely declined,

Said your sinuses were healthy,

Though, I thought you were blind!


With each breath you took,

The hair would twitch.

How could you not feel that?

Don’t that thing itch?


I got mental pictures,  it flew out of your nose,

Onto my lip, in my eye, or got stuck to my clothes.

Made me step back, with dry heaves cause it’s gross.

Should I run? 

Give you scissors, a mirror, tweezers or a gun?

Finally you smiled,

We talked for a while,

The nose hair was certainly lacking in style.

I said my farewells,  to the nose hair of doom!


The lesson here folks,

Remember to groom!


The Beginning


What drew you, to the place of no faith?

What did you clutch, when the lights went dim?

Night was a cascade of reality, broken by insecurity.


What comforts, can also absorb,

Whispers in the core, tell you let go,

Remember life, is ebb and flow.

Don’t brake the waves of thought,

This is what you were taught.

You have to break the chain,

Find some answers, to this claim.


Steady days of endless searching,

Face the science of the soul,

What was broken into pieces,

Found it’s glue, and now is whole.

All this time, the world inside you,

Had a voice, but drowned in fear.

Now you’re free, of all convictions,

Reminds your heart, just why you’re here.


Sleep so sweetly, in your slumber,

Ask the questions, that make you wonder.

Answers come, when time is ready,

Life is slow, but always steady.

Pain and sorrows fill you in,

Break the boundaries, and breathe again.

What began, will never end.




The DNA Of Duran Duran

spiritsunsept7th2012 037

Enigma by design;

You are chromosomes defined.

Note by note, you spiral.

This molecular fusion,

Becomes, optical illusions formed in my eyes.

Stretch across my mind.

The DNA of chord progressions;

Transfusion of sound in waves;

Form cells of ambience,

In my veins.

You are the science of musical notation.

Formed into matter, diffused and then scattered in my brain.

Atomic layers of indigo and green,

Melt to form your energy.

Strings of bass bend tone to light,

The drumming is the heart of life.

The voice of liquid, adrenaline and emotions

Keeps the equilibrium pulsing.

Synthisize and staturate, you are the structure of being.

This is the equation of Duran Duran.



Perception; Do We Take It For Granted?

I am reading this intense book, that I feel like I wished I could have read years ago. It’s called “This Is Your Brain On Music” by Daniel J Levitin. Just 26 pages into this book, and my mind is racing. Light bulbs are turning on every paragraph. Thanks to the kind soul who told me about this! So, this line is lingering in my head… “Color only occurs when it interacts with my eyes.”
The writer is talking about perception. That color is a internal mental image. That the apple may “appear” red, its atoms are not themselves red. Such a simple thing to understand, but when you start to add in  emotions and what we send out into the universe, it can make you stop and think. How much of what we feel is acted upon only when we justify it from another reaction? Like the colors we see, that is only color when our eyes send it to our minds; how much love is really there, if no one can feel it? When we walk out the door each day, we take for granted the people we leave behind know we love them. We say I love you,  we take for granted they feel it and hear it. But what happens when we are gone for the day? Have we made our mark on perception to leave love around them and ourselves? Are emotions like colors? We can love without having it returned and still feel basked in the glow of just loving.  Is this sort of love in more depth because we are experiencing it, like color, because WE are in the moment? What if the apple to someone else is green. We see it red. How do we measure the apple? We usually decide it’s an apple no matter what. Do we do this also with love? Do we just decide all love is the same, no matter what others see it as, and deprive ourselves of depth? I think we do. When asked what is love, or define love, people give their understanding of it. But unless someone else has the exact same perception, only YOU are experiencing the love you feel in that way, not the other person. Because like color, it only occurs when it interacts with your mind. So, I am still pondering a few ideas I have about this. I am not really sure it makes a ton of sense put into this wording. I might have another concept of this after I put it to the back of my mind and let it resurface when something triggers a AH Ha moment. For now, I am going to let my perception rest.

Money, Money Get All You Can!

This is going to be blunt. This is how I feel, no holds barred.  There is no one in the universe that is going to sell me a book on how to become rich by using like attracts like. There is no one in a expensive suit and tie, that has a plastic smile that is going  to show me what I need to know or are missing. It’s bullshit. Now, I am not talking about those who have a honest intent. But to use such beautiful wisdom and enlightenment to scam others is self serving. Money is not going to do a damn thing if your heart and head are a mess. If you try to surround yourself in “abundance” you’ll have more issues as well. Money is paper. If you want to use it wisely, you need to balance yourself first.

If I got rich right now, I could say I would do honest things with it. Charity and buy a home. Yes of course, we all would right? But would it heal your heart or soul? I believe we must work from the ground level up. We must start with us.  There is so much to learn and grow from around us. Others to reach out to and listen to. Lessons and experiences that send energy and love to us. Experience is the key. Can you imagine how much healing energy there would be, if people stopped using it all to make money, and used it to become more peaceful and humble. we would not need so much money to survive if we shifted our focus. Sad, in this time right now we live in, that is going to take a lot of love and energy. Perhaps it’s easier for people to focus on personal gain of money, rather then trying to feel what it’s like to use this beautiful energy and love to tune into others and experience pure truth and harmony. The earth is here for us, what is more a gift then all that is on it? The trees and air we breathe. The children we raise and the animals we share it all with.  I need money to buy food and clothing. I need money to travel and for my home. So I use money. It’s a tool yes. I can gather money like I would if I wanted firewood. You work a little. Working a bit keeps you grounded and grateful. Why on earth would I want to deprive myself of this buy just “willing money” into my life? I NEED to experince the beautiful satisfaction of knowing I have earned it all. Then, I give back.

No, I don’t mean just drop a 5 dollar bill in a bucket for charity. I mean, give back everywhere I am. I open my heart to others in any way I can. I need to experience the giving back.  To be in the moment when someone who needs food, can get this from me. When someone is lonley and I can comfort them. When nature is hurting and needs help, I can plant the trees and clean their forest (even if it’s a small bit at a time). With my hands and heart, not just my money. When I give, I am healing. Myself and who/what ever I give to in love.

I think the true intent of the secret is getting jaded. Yes, we can have anything we want. We have the law of attraction! But, it’s like giving a blind man a car. What is the use? It can get into the wrong hands and come out warped and twisted. Then what? It sends out more warped and twisted greed, creating and breeding this mindset. With the beautiful awareness comes responsibility. Those who have this beautiful understanding can help guide those who seek this. But there are those who just do not get what was really meant for, and are out there giving false security to so many innocent souls. So with this blog, I say a big in your ass to those corporate money mongers who think their book of energy or video of self serving crap is going to change the universe. Remember, the universe knows only truth. Though you might fool those around you for a while, that will be a lot of false energy come back to you. I hope you can handle it…

Is Falling In Love A Choice?

I’ve been listening and reading around the Internet, to people who are in love, or falling in love. Had a few really intense chats about it as well. This is something I have been baffled by and no amount of soul searching is shedding light on the subject for me. Can we control falling for someone? Even if we walk away, can we stop feelings from forming or flowing? What is it exactly that makes people fall for another, that they will never have? It conflicts with my ideas about dreaming into action. Is love the one thing, from another you cannot ask the universe for in return? Have you ever met someone and it hits like a brick. You’ve got a lot in common and they blow your mind? But, it’s one sided. Do you ever find yourself wishing they would see that in you? If we can put the law of attraction into play with so many things, how come it’s so hard to attract soul mates? Yes, of course I know sometimes people are “blocked” and don’t know what they want. But what if you’ve known your whole life. What if you’ve waited and asked half your life? Love is both giving and taking. It’s the one thing the world needs more of. So why would the universe not want to help us find it? But where does one draw the line? Can we ask the universe to send us someone who will see beyond the outer layers and into our souls and minds? Is that possible for humans to really do? So many questions. If you had someone who you were drawn to, that brought feelings on, because they light up all sorts of dimensions in your mind and heart; would you just walk away?

What do you want from love? For me, it’s inspiration and understanding, to laugh and make each other strive for high ground. To go out into the world together and bring light to others. To experience fun things together. To be children sometimes and remember innocence. To believe in each other, and have amazing sexual chemistry. I think the sexual chemistry is intense when it’s a meeting of the minds. But I’m not sure if this is stuff made of fairytales, or can I indeed ask the universe for this. Not to fill any voids, but to share the journey of life.

Mastering; How much Do We Need To Master Really?

I was talking with someone the other day about mastering your life. This is what we want to do here on many levels. I understand this. I believe we are given challenges as well along our journeys to keep us humble. Do I believe we can become as pure as being just a soul on earth/gaia?

I’m not sure if that is what we are meant to do. We have complex cases we live in. The bodies require us to maintain them to a high degree to move on with our existence. Some have taken the mastery of maintaining their bodies to a wonderful and inspiring point. They treat the body as a temple and feed it well and are always in motion. I believe the mind and the body should be given balance of mastery.

There are certain things we do to flush ourselves or press a re-start button so to speak, so we can maintain good health of both body/mind mastery. We meditate and we fast. We chose organic food or perhaps push our bodies/minds to do great and amazing things. We climb mountains and run 50k races! We are boundless in our quests.

This is where I come to question certain ideas and/or concepts of enlightenment.

I have been reading about a group of people called the Breatheairians.

They believe one can survive on prana, light and energy without intake of food. This is their mastery of life.

I believe that there is such energy around us and through us. It’s in many cultures; has many names. We know it most familiar from the East as Chi. The native Americans call it Mana. It is the energy of life. We all have it and it’s experienced in many ways.

But are we meant to go to such levels of existence being human? Created with digestive tracks; are we meant to master the body in a way that we do not consume? When we are no longer energy in this body, we become as such, that we will be Free of such earthly pleasures.

Maybe there is something we are to learn and experience on some level by eating and the reverence for ourselves. Is it really mastering the body as we are supposed to by getting to some state of Nirvana that one does not have to consume food or liquids to survive?

Perhaps the test for us here, is balance with the times being some, are living in abundance. We may take for granted when we raise a hand to our mouth to take a bite of apple, or perhaps we take for granted we can walk to the market and get milk if we so desire.

The Orient has such a reverence for eating, they create masterful dishes based on colors and textures, infused with spices and amazing flavours. Could this be something some are denying themselves; the reverence for creation around us, that was meant for us to take from?

Monks go fasting for days on end, to master hunger and have clear thought. I have tried it myself to jump start a diet. It works, there is no doubt. But it can be extreme.

This leaves me with the questions today, how much are we really meant to master of ourselves here, before we have lost the point of being humans on earth? Do we want to be so masterful in our state of being, we no longer connect with others around us on many levels and become secluded? Are we not meant to connect and learn from each other?

I believe there will be time, when we become a greater being/energy beyond what we are in the reality/earth/level of consciousness. But how much altering do we do, till we have now missed the point of certain limitations?

Yes, I’m rather impressed that in yoga, one can learn to put their legs behind their head (truth be told, it’s kinda turn on as well) but, as far as self mastery goes, is it really? I’m not sure. Perhaps this is all a personal thing each of us must decide. But for the greater universal mind, I still wonder…

A Good Wanking/Perverted



sexual tension

simple redemption

cranial frustration

try masturbation
kink and perversion

a groinal diversion

spanking and wanking

keeps a man thinking
lick your lips

it’s all in the hips

plastic and whips

what makes you drip
a wink

a boob

a tube of good lube

these are the things

that changes the mood
So when your feeling like a drag

or just on the rag

put on a smile

and have a good shag



What makes a pervert?
Is it really so bad?
To have eyes wide like saucers,
And your pud in your hand.
Breath heavy and lustful,
At the sight of some panties.
To read playboy or penthouse,
Or keep rubber toys handy.

Be proud and perverted.
Enjoy till you’ve squirted.
Life is to short,
To worry, how you word it.
Run off in the sunset,
With only your coat.
Flashing old ladies,
Till they scream, or they gloat.

Perverted is healthy,
There’s no one getting hurt.
So when your feeling randy,
Lift up your skirt.
Flash men your knickers,
Show off a boob,
Be proud and perverted,
What ever your mood!


Road To Evermore




in solemn silence,

The veil of thought,

Moistens your eyes.

In this moment, not purpose,

Nor imagination, can hold you still.

Wandering viciously in your plight,

Roads winding underfoot,

She slips into your day.

What she said, made you breathe deep.

Disturbed your element,

Woke your empathy.

You know yourself,

But who is she?

A whisper in your world.

A glance, a dream.

A fearful temptation.

A memory.


The sky seems to swallow you,

Damp air collects, on your drawn brows.

Down into your sinking feeling you seep.

How did she know?

How did she see?

Cast away your doubtful ponderings,

You’re where, you’re supposed to be.

On the road to evermore.



Waking The Minstrel



In the kettle of scrutiny, the clouds fly.
Like a dance of the Montague’s and the Capulet’s
Grey and distant, they clung to my mind.
Silver droplets, collect on my lips.
Dew from the letters, that formed in your kiss.
Goodbye they read, across your face
A child of virtue, I taught you disgrace

So out of place, you’re a minstrel of sorts
Chanting your lyrics of wisdom and worth
You travel the roads, of the meek and absurd.
But I fell into you.

Weary and tainted, you drank from my cup
I painted your shadow, I followed your echo
I danced through the gallows
Of waiting and shame.
When I whispered your name,
You never came.
I fell into you,
But now I can see, you were just a perception
I, was the dream.



For here it was, thy lowly breeze
With gentile touch, it masked her breath.
Shall he spare her innocence?
How they bask in the glow,
In reflective morn, his silence stung,
Till he kissed her lips.

T ‘was loves design, feathered light and pure;
Across thy soul, it shall endure.
As he sought her years, she has appeared,
Still masked with fear, he watches.

Marked with fate he is tainted.
He read the words she painted.
From afar, the time has slipped;
Stained his brow, broke him down;
Now this is it.

Speak meek soul, walk this road.
Tell her;
Or let her go…


The Alignment Of The Flames


So, I’ve called from Gaia, transcending life;
Universe believe me, In the Sun’s solar blanket – I have awakened.

Sending out vibrations, my energy reaching; can anyone take it?
Can you hear these prisms of blue?
Can you sense as it pours over you?
I do.

Sages and Masters – as you’ve come before me; I implore thee in my journey; help me seek wisdom – from the mystics and meek.

In this humble mind I search –  for others like me;
To heal the earth.
This soul has a thirst, from my time of birth;
Many questions find the surface.
This drives my existence,
Questions will quench this.

My Twin flame, call me by name.
Sleep so deeply, in these hours you greet me;
Our polarity pulls, the universe stills;
We are united.

Now our lights shine, as the halos go for miles;
Caused a ripple in time, sends love like fire.
We are balance and harmony;
Kindness and empathy;
Our hope for Humanity;
Keeps us inspired.


Oh The New Age…

The saying sort of makes me cringe, because with the term “new age” comes the images of some hippie smoking a bong and singing ohm. I’ve found many times people ignore me as soon as they deem me “new age hippie”. I laugh. How can something this old, be new age? How can something that goes back to the time of Pharaohs and ancient cities be new? Yes, I understand they feel the last thousand years is new; but it’s time to revamp the mindset of those who have a positive-projective-open mind. Am I sort of a mystic in my beliefs and understandings? Yes I suppose so. I do believe we have something greater that we return to. Is it energy, love, unity and other-worldly? Perhaps.

I understand many people believe in using their mystical understandings to gain. Gain is good. It means we are striving for greatness. This is our calling, our evolution of life. Even those who make no effort evolve. Nothing living can stay the same. I will stand solid in my understanding of this.  The mind propels us, but the soul does not define by time. But too much selfish gain and wanting to master yourself to the point of not being connected with the greater goodness of all things, is very deeply sad. It just makes the souls vibrations tune down and lose the light we are all born with.


Our souls and mind, when aligned does wondrous things. It’s when we try to keep them separated, that so much is lost. Our minds want to understand how we got to the place we are at. Our minds want to dissect and comprehend. It deciphers laws and probable cause.

Our souls, have faith, it does not need to find equations and parallels to move forward. It has a understanding the mind cannot grasp, unless we break through the walls. We must align the mind to the souls energy vibrations. How do we do this? With love. Wanting to know why you are here. What are you meant for? How can you live your most authentic life? If you look at the great minds of science, I do not see the separations between the soul and mind. The universe and galaxy has equations of mathematics that the mind can understand, but the soul knows the beauty of such great equations. The Law Of Attraction is science of the soul. Actions and reaction. The string theory of the soul. The mind got it on paper. Some do not want to dabble in the mystical side of this, and that is fine. It can be spiritual and mystical if your soul is drawn to that; it can also be logical and equated for the mind. It’s what inspires you to become greatness.

I invite you to read a very interesting and beautiful online booklet about the teachings of the AMORAC. Rosicrucain Order.

This is not a religious order. It is the most truthful teaching of the great minds and mystics “new age” of the eons.

The books section has some of the most amazing and powerful life altering teachings offered by man and the universe.

Love and light to you all!


Wrong Number (Yes, You’ve Dialed It)!

Today, for the 10th time today, I had someone call the wrong number. Not that the number is wrong in numerical truth. Yes, they dialed MY number, and asked for someone else. The thing that gets me is, what THEY reply, when I tell them this.

Me: “Hello”
Them: “Hello is Bob there?”
Me: “Sorry, I think you’ve got the wrong number” (this seems to piss people off, because they are far to advanced an intellect to have dialed the wrong number).
Them: “Is this 555-5555?”
Me: “Yes, but Bob does not live here”. (I know this because, well, it’s my home)
Them: “Are you sure, because this is the number Bob gave me”.
Me: “Really, does Bob know I won’t take his calls?”
Them: “So you know Bob?”
Me: “No, but you said he gave you my number, and he does not live here.”
So they hang up and dial again, and ask for Bob. He still does not live here. They get it now.

The second type of caller is the the one that asks ME what number THEY dialed. I suppose this comes in handy, if they have no numbers on their phone. Those no number phones are fantastic to look at, but they never seem to dial right.

The third one I got today, asked who the hell I was? This one I had to have fun with of course.

Me: “Hello?”
Them: “Who’s this?”
Me: “Who I’ve always been.”
Them: “Debbie, are you drunk?”
Me: “I never speak for Debbie, only me”
Them: “can you just put Debbie on the phone asshole?”
Me: “Do you always call rectums for Debbie, because I think Debbie would be highly offended.”
Them: “Debbie has a real smart ass friend, that is not so funny, tell her I called.”
Me: “I don’t really know Debbie, and if you really want to talk to her, you have to call HER number.”
Them: “Yeah, ok Bitch, if you don;t tell her I called, I’m gonna come over there and bust yo face.”
Me: “Ok see ya in a bit, tell Debbie I said hello when ya get there.”
Them: “click”

The last one is the person who calls does not even ask for anyone, just says “hay, what’s up” by this time I am all laughed out and tell them wrong number. They tell me sorry and hang up. They call back and I say wrong number again. They call back 3rd time. I ask if he understands it’s not the number he wants and ask what number he dialed. He goes on to tell me he don’t know, because it’s in his speed dial. I ask him why he kept the wrong number in his speed dial? He replies, “I did not want to forget where I dialed.”
Oh, well that makes sense. I myself am going to start a boycot of erasers. Just write over the mistakes, until I get it right.
This conversation could have went on for hours, but after he asked me to dinner, I had to hang up. LOL

Sounds Of Suggestion


Layers and levels,

Of sounds and suggestions,

Devour my sleeping state.

From my first deep breath,

To the shallow exhale,

You hypnotize my dreams,

Blue notes, melt like azure ice,

Dripping, translucent chords,

Over my eyelids.

Bright red harmony, feeds me,

Like electricity, starting at my fingertips,

Crawling through my skin.

Turning into a lavender melodic kiss,

Salvage what is left of me, from the last bit of daylight.

To the symphony of your whispered night.


House Of Regret


Down the long hallway,

Counting each step,

Doors open, rooms are empty,

This is the life that was built by regret.

Windows to view the world outside,

Stairs to nowhere,

Still we climb.

The house of sacrifice,

Built, one brick at a time.

A solid foundation,

Nails of frustration,

Hammered into walls of regression.

Shielded, with a roof of temptation.

We try to sell it, when we outgrow the space.

To someone who’s needy,

This life is greedy,

We always complain,

When the plaster breaks.

Down the long hallway,

Walked so many times,

There’s an echo of footsteps,

That never were mine… 


Losing The Muse…

The very thing, that kept me humble,

Kept me pure.

Fell divided and distant, faded and obscure.

Could I draw you to the surface, if I dwell or turn silent?

Has the depth I once tasted, become dishonest and blatant?

Should I let it go, or chase it?

What was once words of insight, wisdom and motivation,

Faded between the lines, on a empty paper.

My inspiration, left me wandering,

Stood still, in time, while life felt jaded.

Where insecurity scrolled, looking for comfort,

Mystery and passion was a halo of hope,

Dreaming was the ink,

Fed into the quill of reality.

I let go.

Just words now, I’ll always own.



The Mask


Why do we wear a mask?

When truth is what we ask.

Why do we wallow in pain?

When things don’t go our way.

Why do we want control?

You cannot cage the soul.

Why do we live in fear?

The end is always near.




When will it be clear?

How did we get ourselves here?

If our plan should fall,

Will it change us all?




Why do we judge and blame?

When life is not a game.

Why do waste such time?

You can make it right.

Why must we always know?

‘Cause that’s just how it goes….




When will it be clear?

How did we get ourselves here?

If our plan should fall.

Will it change us all?




We question everything.

Take for granted, simply breathing.

We want , we need.

We break, we bleed.

We hunger, we feed.

We love, we feel,

Let go, of all these false ideals.

Then, you’ll see, how life can heal….





I’m Invisible


Hush dear woman, your time might come,

Hold on to something,

‘Cause, you can’t always be invisible.

Scroll your words, on the windowpane,

Lost is the soul, that filled with rain.

She opened her world, but no one came.

Never take for granted, the kindness of strangers,

Never forget, those who smiled at you.

When the sun pours down, reflecting the eyes,

Who will share this moment, before it dies?

Why must I, be invisible?

The part of a clown,

She makes them laugh, when life gets them down.

Gently she weeps, when no one’s around.

She humbled her soul, but her life is alone.

She sits in the shadows, she danced in the willows.

Her heart never hollow, her intentions not shallow.

Yet in her echo, she is invisible.

Look at her face, is it such a disgrace?

Maybe her beauty is not something you see?

Time is slipping by, years feel like miles in her mind,

Won’t someone see her colors, so she’s not invisible…


Linen On The Floor


Come and visit me,
In these hours of last I weep,
Lay next to me,
And sleep.
Let me cover you with peace.
Come and sit with me,
Lift your weary head and see,
In the morning hush I’d be.
Come and touch my lips with yours,
As I ask of nothing more,
In the days of last adored,
Was a yearning scorned.
Quietly, I trace,
With my eyes along a face,
As I search with hopes to find,
The man inside the mind.
Come and take me in,
I feel your breath, and taste your skin.
I expect nothing more,
Entwined in linen,
On the floor.



Wrapped In Silk


She has your number,

Twisting your mind,

Wrapped around you like scarves,

While your wrists are tied.

Washed over in shame,

You turn away,

She caught you thinking,

As her lips formed your name.

What is this game?

What you want is the same,

Does she mess with your ego?

Is your pride to blame?

Crawl across the floor,

She will feed you more,

Entwined in her fire,

Too scared she knows?

She does, and she plays with you,

As you rub to let go.

Red cherry toes,

Wrapped up in silk,

Run over your body,

She drinks you like milk.

Get down on your knees,

Kiss nylon thighs,

Musk scented envy,

Close your eyes.

Sensation, frustration,

Crawl out of your skin,

She takes you over,

She pulls you in.

Her lips devour you,

Can you take it again?

She’s naughty and wet,

You’ll never regret,

When you take her to bed.

Don’t Behave

No need to behave
Get down and beg
Naughty boy
Lick my lips
I get my way

Look me up and down
Without a sound
Run my hands on your thighs
Make your zipper feel tight
Lets have fun tonight
Take me to bed

Pressed against my hips
Let my panties slip
Your now my toy
On your knees little boy
I know you enjoy it

Let your mind go numb
As I make you cum
I can taste your skin
Now I’m warm and wet
Twisted and perverted
Is your little secret



Thoughts and Questions Formed By Synthesizing Happiness

First, I would like to thank Mr Mark Ty-Wharton for sharing this amazing link with me. Why are we happy

The lecture is about happiness; can it be that be can be just as happy with any given situation (even if it’s not what we intended) as we would be being in a situation we had intended and wanted.

Is this the same concept as being humble? I’m not sure. It made me ponder how much truth we talk ourselves into and out of in life. I do believe to adapt to anything we encounter in life is human nature. But the idea that we could also be happy with any given outcome, is a relief. I think most of us do this, unaware that it’s second nature. When you watch this video, it’s so easy to discount this  as some neurological/subconscious mindset we can pull from. But when you REALLY hear what is going on, it makes you see how many times we have already done this.

My parallel questions to this are; how then if we adapt and synthesize being happy with a situation, draw the line from unhealthy situations. Being a drug abuser or staying in a abusive relationship. This sort of synthesizing happiness could be fatal. Because we can adapt and have the same happiness as if we were living a healthy lifestyle or loved deeply, being a drug abuser or in a violent situation does be any means mean we should. This explains why so many people cannot get help and continue to make such bad choices for themselves. We make the best of something. OR, is this more justifying a negative situation? I’m still thinking about this.

It certainly brings more relevence to cognitive therapy. How and Why it works. REBT therapy is also working on the same level as this. REBT concepts 

My fear is, I believe in some spiritual truths about love and life. I believe that true love should not be something we must synthesize. In fact, I don’t want to. I want to connect on a deeper level with someone who has the same drive in this life and beautiful heart and soul. Honest and humble. I’ve been in a marriage that I had synthesized being happy, and still it fell apart. So my next question is, can doing such a thing, really keep your true self at bay? Will your truth shine through at some point and pull you into another direction?

I use to talk myself out of leaving my ex because I would find every excuse in the book. “I’ll never find anyone to REALLY see ME”

“I’ll never make it with 3 children on my own” “I should make this work because giving up is failing”.

Synthesize my marriage to someone who abused me, kept me in a very bad situation for 15 years. I had rose colored glasses by design.

When I started finding my truths, is when I was able to say enough. I am worth more then this, and I do not have to make lemon aide out of lemons anymore.

So with this new term now in my awareness, I use cation in how and why this can be of use to humanity. We need to understand when and how to apply such a thing, and to know the difference between being humble and saying to ourselves, “I can be happy no matter what”.

Oddly enough, someone I admire answerd me with a maxim that fits very well here. I am going to borrow it.

Why does a dog lick his balls? I was asked. The answer is of course, “because he can”. BUT in this case, just because “he can”  (synthesize happiness) does not mean he should. *warm smiles*

Now, if I can find someone who can be just as happy thinking as much as me, the only synthesizing I’ll be doing is listening to music and playing one. 😛

Like Attracts Like; Or Does It…

So, yes I have been pondering this.  Does like really attract like? Is this something we are sure we want a lot of in our lives?

I do believe love is where it’s at. I believe positive thinking is as well. I have noticed how true it is to the extent that I have met a few new people in my life now, that shine this amazing light. They know their truths and have a magnetic beauty inside that flows outwards, and has inspired me deeply. I am so very grateful.

On the flip-side, I have also drawn some who are in despair. Very helpless feeling and are looking for advice and words of hope. More then usual actually. Even in the grocery store I have people telling me their life story (sad for many of them). I listen, because for me it’s how my heart works. I feel compassion for others. WE are all here on different life paths, but we are all meant to grow. We have to hold out a heart and and when other souls are in need. It’s healing for ourselves as well. WE grow from understanding others and interacting.

Ah, but back to my questions; If I believe I am sending out love and light, then why do so many who are lost or sad get drawn to me?

This seems to go against like attracting like. But it opens another idea…

People who are sad inside, they want to feel hope and light. They see that through their despair in those who radiate it. Proof positive that hope is never lost. Do we as beautiful souls really only want to surround ourselves with like? Only surround ourselves with those who are bright and happy lights? This could leave those who are enlightened not able to share their truth with those who need it most.

So how does this work then? Do those of us who want to help others and who are filled with love and light need some sorrows to connect in some way in compassion with those who are not at the level we are as of yet?

Is the true happy soul able to resonate both ways and not lose their light?

If we constantly surround ourselves with only positive things, how does it explain attracting those who are not and are drawn to us?

I’ve been around both types of souls. Those who radiate this beautiful part of themselves and those who are down tuned (vibrate lower energy because they are so lost). I must add, I also do not believe in “evil” or “rotten people” they just have not learned how to tune their vibrations higher yet, and they will!  Many will say that those who are sad or angry bring them down, so they “avoid” them. This for me, in not what being a bright light is about. I will never walk away or avoid anyone like that. I feel it’s my nature to plant a seed in those hearts. To at the very least, give them a moment of hope to think about. Tell them how THEY can grow it, into light and love.

So, with this blog, I am pondering the like attracts like idea, and if it is really how it works. If I only send out love and light, and only attract love and light, how will I grow further in my soul and life?

I will ask for guidance. It always comes somehow… *warm smile*

Wanting VS Needing

I’ve been asking many questions and searching for many answers for the right path to follow. I have read countless books and searched myself, others, meditated, went into crowds and just about hugged everyone. I’ve noted the complex theory, and equations to everything. I’ve kept it simple and truthful.
But things still did not “feel” right to me. Today, it hit me. I have my answer. I’ve spent too much time asking the Universe for things that are shallow. The universe knows I am not, so it will never come to pass. I wanted to fit in and have people proud of me. See me as a go getter and a dream maker. I wanted to be like many, who strive for this amazing life surrounding them. But that is the mistake.
I am simple and humble. I do not want a fancy car. I don’t doubt that I deserve a fancy car, but for what? To just have? My car drives just fine.

I don’t want a huge house on a hill. For what? To fill it with more things? How will that all fare when I find my way into the afterlife? Big deal, it’s all transient.
I am no longer going to ask the Universe for desires and wants. Because those are false things filling your soul. It goes against our purpose of having a soul and living. WE are here to learn and grow and heal and love. Wanting is fun, but it covers up existence.
I am going to spend more of my time thanking the Universe for guiding me to what I need and for helping me grow. I need to be free of want, want, want. I need to connect with others who feel it’s time to enjoy the moment and not live for wants. Live for the fact that we are here. That we have been and always will be beautiful creations that expand IN the Universe.

Does that make me less of a human being because I’m not trying to sound like some high achiever? Does it make me less of a human being because I don’t measure my life like many in humanity do?
I’m not saying not to strive for being as amazing as a human can be. We should. But I’m feeling that I am spending too much time asking, and not just ‘being’.
I think knowing when to let go of ‘want’ is a huge thing for me as well. It’s not failure. It’s not low self-esteem. It’s freeing. I am not holding my soul back from being true. I enjoy writing poems. I do not need to be famous for it, nor do I need to be rich from it. I do however NEED to write. It’s healing, it touches others, and it connects me to those of like souls and vibrations. The rest will come if the Universe feels I NEED it. Otherwise, I am where I am supposed to be. Me!
Wanting, I’ve made some grave mistakes. I’ve asked for things that never seem to come to pass. In fact, it will go in the opposite direction. I thought perhaps I needed to get to know what I really wanted. But again, it’s ‘want’ that got in the way. I think the bravest and most freeing thing I will ever do is to let go of want. Just love, learn, reach out and feel compassion. Create and keep searching. With a humble heart and filled with joy. The rest is up to the powers that be. That is all I need.

Music Of The Spheres

Celestial harmonies,

Form above our heads.

Music of the spheres,

Spins light and understanding.

Creativity, is beyond what we see,

As the spindle turns,

The sirens of the heavens hum,

Vibrating your soul to the core,

The most beautiful transition,

A life could endure.

Warm rays of tone and perfection,

Octives of nature, fall over us in grace.

Intoxicating night, I feel you soar;

Symphony of the universe,

Heal me.



Stream Of Conscious


In this moment, we are lifetimes,

Echoing in silence,

Still and set in the psyche.

Not sorted, not ephemeral,

Voices of guidance.

Can they reach us?


How we fear, what is not understood,

Yet we search for truth.

What if we just listened?

Still your mind,

Envisions rewind,

Don’t follow time,

Simply wait.


What if we, are all electricity?

Vibrations, transitions,

Karmic decisions,

Can you let go of what you believe?

Accept your journey,


We are not whole, we must grow,

Drawn to each other, from a time before.

Are you willing to explore, the possibilities?

What makes you who you are?

When did your life really start?


Have you come that far, to answer?

All of this is transient.

Understanding, making amends,

Healing the soul, will never end

Reach out to others,


Earn your higher ground,

Believe in what you’ve found.

Take it all in, notice everything.

Each breath, each face

All has its place.

You will carry this,

Over again.

Gut feelings, intuition

Don’t brush it off,

A small submission, can change your existence.

Its naturally in us,

Today, is just the beginning



7 Levels Of Heaven


 7 Levels Of Heaven


First level, we are creations breath,

We are whispers of promise and life without bounds.

Innocent canvases,

Waiting to be painted in life’s colors.


Second level, we are curiosities fire.

We explore, expand and search.

We are fairytales and possibility.


Third level, we are warriors

Standing for belief and our mission.

We taste the calling,

We rise to a challenge.

We grow.


Fourth level, we need answers.

A quest of awareness and honest acceptance.

We question our ancestors,

We fill with doubt,

We carry on.



Fifth level, we see without eyes,

We feel colors,

We taste love.

We experience ecstasy,

We are the air we breathe,

Light and liquid blue.


Sixth level, we break boundaries,

We feed imagination and sensuality.

We reach our epiphany,

We are everything.


Seventh level, is peace


Wake The Serpent


Close Your eyes,

Concentrate on your breath.

Feel the warmth rise,

You are alive,

Wake the serpent,

Coiling the spine.


In rolls the tide,

Let it kiss your mind.

Brick by brick,

The wall declines.


Serpent climbs,

Eyes shine,

Halos of light,

Turn white, gold and blue;

I am one with you.


My visions truth.


Be still and quiet,

The serpent is silent.

It lays waiting,

For your calling.


Shakti and Shiva melt down,

You are the fire,

That burns the ground.


Hold your senses,

Don’t break.

The serpent surrenders,

When you create.





2 The Number Of Perfection {art by Patricia Ortiz)

Blessed to have this piece given to me from my Mother Patricia Ortiz was a original cover of a book design.


Two, the number of perfection,
Equation of existence.
What was one,
Sought eons for it’s completion.
Two is balance,
Action and reaction,
Energy flow.
What was one,
Knew only silence,
A solitary vision,
A flat surface,
Never ending.
Science found it’s soul,
Took what was whole,
Infused a idea, and from that came two;
With a mind of it’s own.

The universe became diverse,
One orbited the first.
They made a perfect circle;
Creation was admired.
Two became infinity.
This is the story of,
Molecular design.
Searching for an answer,
To the meaning of life.



Surreal Sensory Overload

I’m not sure how to describe this to others, except for in a sensation way. I have been asking for many things to come to the surface as of late. Though I’ve been on this journey for some years now, it was being pushed to the back of my emotions and mind in fear. I know this might not make sense, but please bare with me as I go on…
I’ve always written my poetry from dreams and these “awakened” moments. They’ve always come as answers to things I asked about to the Universe and my Spirit guide.
I put it out there to reach out and see if others understood and felt inspired by what I was feeling; if they felt it too.
I have only in the last 2 years been finding such things as The Secret and The Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis. I have asked, and they have been guided to me. For that I am grateful. I know as well that we have life themes we chose to grow our souls from before we get here.
I wrote many of these poems, before I read about any of this and after reading many books and talking to many others who are in a awakened-truth state, I feel as though I have found the most beautiful and wonderful life.
I had many tell me I am strange or weird. I had many not “get me” or think I was fake (somehow people cannot accept if someone really is loving and kind and open hearted) and that scared me. That to love others and feel loved, I had to always prove I was sincere.
That is when I knew, that I wanted to help others feel this and understand their life journey.
I was afraid to tell people I can feel their energy or that I can tune into some people on my vibration level and almost give readings about what will happen next.
I know everyone can do this, but believing is the only thing holding them back from tuning into others.
I have also been on this quest to find my other half. Now mind you, I am a whole person and do not feel fragmented, but I do believe that some souls feel a stronger urge to connect deeply in a human way with another in this life. Perhaps because when two souls who vibrate on the same level meet, they send out this amazing energy to the universe and humanity can feel this. it’s not just for selfish reasons, but the grater good of mankind.
I am still reshaping my life right now, I want to see myself through different eyes. I want to expand my mind more and creativity.
I am putting this out there, because I know this will bring others who understand into my life and we can grow together.
I see colors in music. I feel life energy and see it in people. I want to find my twin soul, who will journey along side me and grow.  I want to explore all this beautiful gift of life has here for us. I cannot go back to who I was before, because once you know the truth, you know nothing else.
I hope this made sense to someone, because I find it was hard to connect with others who felt this way before. I was afraid to be me, to be open and share this beautiful understanding. For those who think it’s freaky or weird, one day, even the most indifferent of souls will come to understand. Time is a human condition, the Universe does not follow it. So perhaps is not your time to get it, but you will, it’s what the soul is meant to do, in this life, or another.