7 Levels Of Heaven


 7 Levels Of Heaven


First level, we are creations breath,

We are whispers of promise and life without bounds.

Innocent canvases,

Waiting to be painted in life’s colors.


Second level, we are curiosities fire.

We explore, expand and search.

We are fairytales and possibility.


Third level, we are warriors

Standing for belief and our mission.

We taste the calling,

We rise to a challenge.

We grow.


Fourth level, we need answers.

A quest of awareness and honest acceptance.

We question our ancestors,

We fill with doubt,

We carry on.



Fifth level, we see without eyes,

We feel colors,

We taste love.

We experience ecstasy,

We are the air we breathe,

Light and liquid blue.


Sixth level, we break boundaries,

We feed imagination and sensuality.

We reach our epiphany,

We are everything.


Seventh level, is peace


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