Like Attracts Like; Or Does It…

So, yes I have been pondering this.  Does like really attract like? Is this something we are sure we want a lot of in our lives?

I do believe love is where it’s at. I believe positive thinking is as well. I have noticed how true it is to the extent that I have met a few new people in my life now, that shine this amazing light. They know their truths and have a magnetic beauty inside that flows outwards, and has inspired me deeply. I am so very grateful.

On the flip-side, I have also drawn some who are in despair. Very helpless feeling and are looking for advice and words of hope. More then usual actually. Even in the grocery store I have people telling me their life story (sad for many of them). I listen, because for me it’s how my heart works. I feel compassion for others. WE are all here on different life paths, but we are all meant to grow. We have to hold out a heart and and when other souls are in need. It’s healing for ourselves as well. WE grow from understanding others and interacting.

Ah, but back to my questions; If I believe I am sending out love and light, then why do so many who are lost or sad get drawn to me?

This seems to go against like attracting like. But it opens another idea…

People who are sad inside, they want to feel hope and light. They see that through their despair in those who radiate it. Proof positive that hope is never lost. Do we as beautiful souls really only want to surround ourselves with like? Only surround ourselves with those who are bright and happy lights? This could leave those who are enlightened not able to share their truth with those who need it most.

So how does this work then? Do those of us who want to help others and who are filled with love and light need some sorrows to connect in some way in compassion with those who are not at the level we are as of yet?

Is the true happy soul able to resonate both ways and not lose their light?

If we constantly surround ourselves with only positive things, how does it explain attracting those who are not and are drawn to us?

I’ve been around both types of souls. Those who radiate this beautiful part of themselves and those who are down tuned (vibrate lower energy because they are so lost). I must add, I also do not believe in “evil” or “rotten people” they just have not learned how to tune their vibrations higher yet, and they will!  Many will say that those who are sad or angry bring them down, so they “avoid” them. This for me, in not what being a bright light is about. I will never walk away or avoid anyone like that. I feel it’s my nature to plant a seed in those hearts. To at the very least, give them a moment of hope to think about. Tell them how THEY can grow it, into light and love.

So, with this blog, I am pondering the like attracts like idea, and if it is really how it works. If I only send out love and light, and only attract love and light, how will I grow further in my soul and life?

I will ask for guidance. It always comes somehow… *warm smile*


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