Stream Of Conscious


In this moment, we are lifetimes,

Echoing in silence,

Still and set in the psyche.

Not sorted, not ephemeral,

Voices of guidance.

Can they reach us?


How we fear, what is not understood,

Yet we search for truth.

What if we just listened?

Still your mind,

Envisions rewind,

Don’t follow time,

Simply wait.


What if we, are all electricity?

Vibrations, transitions,

Karmic decisions,

Can you let go of what you believe?

Accept your journey,


We are not whole, we must grow,

Drawn to each other, from a time before.

Are you willing to explore, the possibilities?

What makes you who you are?

When did your life really start?


Have you come that far, to answer?

All of this is transient.

Understanding, making amends,

Healing the soul, will never end

Reach out to others,


Earn your higher ground,

Believe in what you’ve found.

Take it all in, notice everything.

Each breath, each face

All has its place.

You will carry this,

Over again.

Gut feelings, intuition

Don’t brush it off,

A small submission, can change your existence.

Its naturally in us,

Today, is just the beginning



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