I’m Invisible


Hush dear woman, your time might come,

Hold on to something,

‘Cause, you can’t always be invisible.

Scroll your words, on the windowpane,

Lost is the soul, that filled with rain.

She opened her world, but no one came.

Never take for granted, the kindness of strangers,

Never forget, those who smiled at you.

When the sun pours down, reflecting the eyes,

Who will share this moment, before it dies?

Why must I, be invisible?

The part of a clown,

She makes them laugh, when life gets them down.

Gently she weeps, when no one’s around.

She humbled her soul, but her life is alone.

She sits in the shadows, she danced in the willows.

Her heart never hollow, her intentions not shallow.

Yet in her echo, she is invisible.

Look at her face, is it such a disgrace?

Maybe her beauty is not something you see?

Time is slipping by, years feel like miles in her mind,

Won’t someone see her colors, so she’s not invisible…



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