Wrong Number (Yes, You’ve Dialed It)!

Today, for the 10th time today, I had someone call the wrong number. Not that the number is wrong in numerical truth. Yes, they dialed MY number, and asked for someone else. The thing that gets me is, what THEY reply, when I tell them this.

Me: “Hello”
Them: “Hello is Bob there?”
Me: “Sorry, I think you’ve got the wrong number” (this seems to piss people off, because they are far to advanced an intellect to have dialed the wrong number).
Them: “Is this 555-5555?”
Me: “Yes, but Bob does not live here”. (I know this because, well, it’s my home)
Them: “Are you sure, because this is the number Bob gave me”.
Me: “Really, does Bob know I won’t take his calls?”
Them: “So you know Bob?”
Me: “No, but you said he gave you my number, and he does not live here.”
So they hang up and dial again, and ask for Bob. He still does not live here. They get it now.

The second type of caller is the the one that asks ME what number THEY dialed. I suppose this comes in handy, if they have no numbers on their phone. Those no number phones are fantastic to look at, but they never seem to dial right.

The third one I got today, asked who the hell I was? This one I had to have fun with of course.

Me: “Hello?”
Them: “Who’s this?”
Me: “Who I’ve always been.”
Them: “Debbie, are you drunk?”
Me: “I never speak for Debbie, only me”
Them: “can you just put Debbie on the phone asshole?”
Me: “Do you always call rectums for Debbie, because I think Debbie would be highly offended.”
Them: “Debbie has a real smart ass friend, that is not so funny, tell her I called.”
Me: “I don’t really know Debbie, and if you really want to talk to her, you have to call HER number.”
Them: “Yeah, ok Bitch, if you don;t tell her I called, I’m gonna come over there and bust yo face.”
Me: “Ok see ya in a bit, tell Debbie I said hello when ya get there.”
Them: “click”

The last one is the person who calls does not even ask for anyone, just says “hay, what’s up” by this time I am all laughed out and tell them wrong number. They tell me sorry and hang up. They call back and I say wrong number again. They call back 3rd time. I ask if he understands it’s not the number he wants and ask what number he dialed. He goes on to tell me he don’t know, because it’s in his speed dial. I ask him why he kept the wrong number in his speed dial? He replies, “I did not want to forget where I dialed.”
Oh, well that makes sense. I myself am going to start a boycot of erasers. Just write over the mistakes, until I get it right.
This conversation could have went on for hours, but after he asked me to dinner, I had to hang up. LOL

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