Oh The New Age…

The saying sort of makes me cringe, because with the term “new age” comes the images of some hippie smoking a bong and singing ohm. I’ve found many times people ignore me as soon as they deem me “new age hippie”. I laugh. How can something this old, be new age? How can something that goes back to the time of Pharaohs and ancient cities be new? Yes, I understand they feel the last thousand years is new; but it’s time to revamp the mindset of those who have a positive-projective-open mind. Am I sort of a mystic in my beliefs and understandings? Yes I suppose so. I do believe we have something greater that we return to. Is it energy, love, unity and other-worldly? Perhaps.

I understand many people believe in using their mystical understandings to gain. Gain is good. It means we are striving for greatness. This is our calling, our evolution of life. Even those who make no effort evolve. Nothing living can stay the same. I will stand solid in my understanding of this.  The mind propels us, but the soul does not define by time. But too much selfish gain and wanting to master yourself to the point of not being connected with the greater goodness of all things, is very deeply sad. It just makes the souls vibrations tune down and lose the light we are all born with.


Our souls and mind, when aligned does wondrous things. It’s when we try to keep them separated, that so much is lost. Our minds want to understand how we got to the place we are at. Our minds want to dissect and comprehend. It deciphers laws and probable cause.

Our souls, have faith, it does not need to find equations and parallels to move forward. It has a understanding the mind cannot grasp, unless we break through the walls. We must align the mind to the souls energy vibrations. How do we do this? With love. Wanting to know why you are here. What are you meant for? How can you live your most authentic life? If you look at the great minds of science, I do not see the separations between the soul and mind. The universe and galaxy has equations of mathematics that the mind can understand, but the soul knows the beauty of such great equations. The Law Of Attraction is science of the soul. Actions and reaction. The string theory of the soul. The mind got it on paper. Some do not want to dabble in the mystical side of this, and that is fine. It can be spiritual and mystical if your soul is drawn to that; it can also be logical and equated for the mind. It’s what inspires you to become greatness.

I invite you to read a very interesting and beautiful online booklet about the teachings of the AMORAC. Rosicrucain Order.


This is not a religious order. It is the most truthful teaching of the great minds and mystics “new age” of the eons.

The books section has some of the most amazing and powerful life altering teachings offered by man and the universe.

Love and light to you all!


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