The Alignment Of The Flames


So, I’ve called from Gaia, transcending life;
Universe believe me, In the Sun’s solar blanket – I have awakened.

Sending out vibrations, my energy reaching; can anyone take it?
Can you hear these prisms of blue?
Can you sense as it pours over you?
I do.

Sages and Masters – as you’ve come before me; I implore thee in my journey; help me seek wisdom – from the mystics and meek.

In this humble mind I search –  for others like me;
To heal the earth.
This soul has a thirst, from my time of birth;
Many questions find the surface.
This drives my existence,
Questions will quench this.

My Twin flame, call me by name.
Sleep so deeply, in these hours you greet me;
Our polarity pulls, the universe stills;
We are united.

Now our lights shine, as the halos go for miles;
Caused a ripple in time, sends love like fire.
We are balance and harmony;
Kindness and empathy;
Our hope for Humanity;
Keeps us inspired.


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