A Good Wanking/Perverted



sexual tension

simple redemption

cranial frustration

try masturbation
kink and perversion

a groinal diversion

spanking and wanking

keeps a man thinking
lick your lips

it’s all in the hips

plastic and whips

what makes you drip
a wink

a boob

a tube of good lube

these are the things

that changes the mood
So when your feeling like a drag

or just on the rag

put on a smile

and have a good shag



What makes a pervert?
Is it really so bad?
To have eyes wide like saucers,
And your pud in your hand.
Breath heavy and lustful,
At the sight of some panties.
To read playboy or penthouse,
Or keep rubber toys handy.

Be proud and perverted.
Enjoy till you’ve squirted.
Life is to short,
To worry, how you word it.
Run off in the sunset,
With only your coat.
Flashing old ladies,
Till they scream, or they gloat.

Perverted is healthy,
There’s no one getting hurt.
So when your feeling randy,
Lift up your skirt.
Flash men your knickers,
Show off a boob,
Be proud and perverted,
What ever your mood!


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