Road To Evermore




in solemn silence,

The veil of thought,

Moistens your eyes.

In this moment, not purpose,

Nor imagination, can hold you still.

Wandering viciously in your plight,

Roads winding underfoot,

She slips into your day.

What she said, made you breathe deep.

Disturbed your element,

Woke your empathy.

You know yourself,

But who is she?

A whisper in your world.

A glance, a dream.

A fearful temptation.

A memory.


The sky seems to swallow you,

Damp air collects, on your drawn brows.

Down into your sinking feeling you seep.

How did she know?

How did she see?

Cast away your doubtful ponderings,

You’re where, you’re supposed to be.

On the road to evermore.



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