Is Falling In Love A Choice?

I’ve been listening and reading around the Internet, to people who are in love, or falling in love. Had a few really intense chats about it as well. This is something I have been baffled by and no amount of soul searching is shedding light on the subject for me. Can we control falling for someone? Even if we walk away, can we stop feelings from forming or flowing? What is it exactly that makes people fall for another, that they will never have? It conflicts with my ideas about dreaming into action. Is love the one thing, from another you cannot ask the universe for in return? Have you ever met someone and it hits like a brick. You’ve got a lot in common and they blow your mind? But, it’s one sided. Do you ever find yourself wishing they would see that in you? If we can put the law of attraction into play with so many things, how come it’s so hard to attract soul mates? Yes, of course I know sometimes people are “blocked” and don’t know what they want. But what if you’ve known your whole life. What if you’ve waited and asked half your life? Love is both giving and taking. It’s the one thing the world needs more of. So why would the universe not want to help us find it? But where does one draw the line? Can we ask the universe to send us someone who will see beyond the outer layers and into our souls and minds? Is that possible for humans to really do? So many questions. If you had someone who you were drawn to, that brought feelings on, because they light up all sorts of dimensions in your mind and heart; would you just walk away?

What do you want from love? For me, it’s inspiration and understanding, to laugh and make each other strive for high ground. To go out into the world together and bring light to others. To experience fun things together. To be children sometimes and remember innocence. To believe in each other, and have amazing sexual chemistry. I think the sexual chemistry is intense when it’s a meeting of the minds. But I’m not sure if this is stuff made of fairytales, or can I indeed ask the universe for this. Not to fill any voids, but to share the journey of life.

2 thoughts on “Is Falling In Love A Choice?

  1. Love is one of those things that seems simple and really has many aspects. It’s always hard to tell if LOVE, lust, or deep interest is the source for amorous energy. But be careful because its very strong energy and you have to be very careful where you Point Your Heart. I once fell in Love with someone who could never be in love with me, I gave my heart too soon and found out the hard way. LOL!

  2. I know Paul, I know. One thing I have learned through it all; trust is everything. No secrets, and trust. Secrets block any kind of love and trust is even deeper then love. You can must love someone you trust – does not mean you can always trust those you love. I also learned, that one can only break your heart deeply if you really do have love for them.

    The heart is the ceter of everything. I would much rather have given my heart to another, with all I am,then to be in a space of no inspiration, no light, nothing to look forward to. Life is a immaculate journey, to love is to know who you really are. Not many are brave enough to follow throuh with love ecause they still truly do not know who they are. Never give up Paul, what was not meant to be in one heart, WILL be there in another. This is our promise to our hearts.

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