Mastering; How much Do We Need To Master Really?

I was talking with someone the other day about mastering your life. This is what we want to do here on many levels. I understand this. I believe we are given challenges as well along our journeys to keep us humble. Do I believe we can become as pure as being just a soul on earth/gaia?

I’m not sure if that is what we are meant to do. We have complex cases we live in. The bodies require us to maintain them to a high degree to move on with our existence. Some have taken the mastery of maintaining their bodies to a wonderful and inspiring point. They treat the body as a temple and feed it well and are always in motion. I believe the mind and the body should be given balance of mastery.

There are certain things we do to flush ourselves or press a re-start button so to speak, so we can maintain good health of both body/mind mastery. We meditate and we fast. We chose organic food or perhaps push our bodies/minds to do great and amazing things. We climb mountains and run 50k races! We are boundless in our quests.

This is where I come to question certain ideas and/or concepts of enlightenment.

I have been reading about a group of people called the Breatheairians.

They believe one can survive on prana, light and energy without intake of food. This is their mastery of life.

I believe that there is such energy around us and through us. It’s in many cultures; has many names. We know it most familiar from the East as Chi. The native Americans call it Mana. It is the energy of life. We all have it and it’s experienced in many ways.

But are we meant to go to such levels of existence being human? Created with digestive tracks; are we meant to master the body in a way that we do not consume? When we are no longer energy in this body, we become as such, that we will be Free of such earthly pleasures.

Maybe there is something we are to learn and experience on some level by eating and the reverence for ourselves. Is it really mastering the body as we are supposed to by getting to some state of Nirvana that one does not have to consume food or liquids to survive?

Perhaps the test for us here, is balance with the times being some, are living in abundance. We may take for granted when we raise a hand to our mouth to take a bite of apple, or perhaps we take for granted we can walk to the market and get milk if we so desire.

The Orient has such a reverence for eating, they create masterful dishes based on colors and textures, infused with spices and amazing flavours. Could this be something some are denying themselves; the reverence for creation around us, that was meant for us to take from?

Monks go fasting for days on end, to master hunger and have clear thought. I have tried it myself to jump start a diet. It works, there is no doubt. But it can be extreme.

This leaves me with the questions today, how much are we really meant to master of ourselves here, before we have lost the point of being humans on earth? Do we want to be so masterful in our state of being, we no longer connect with others around us on many levels and become secluded? Are we not meant to connect and learn from each other?

I believe there will be time, when we become a greater being/energy beyond what we are in the reality/earth/level of consciousness. But how much altering do we do, till we have now missed the point of certain limitations?

Yes, I’m rather impressed that in yoga, one can learn to put their legs behind their head (truth be told, it’s kinda turn on as well) but, as far as self mastery goes, is it really? I’m not sure. Perhaps this is all a personal thing each of us must decide. But for the greater universal mind, I still wonder…

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