Money, Money Get All You Can!

This is going to be blunt. This is how I feel, no holds barred.  There is no one in the universe that is going to sell me a book on how to become rich by using like attracts like. There is no one in a expensive suit and tie, that has a plastic smile that is going  to show me what I need to know or are missing. It’s bullshit. Now, I am not talking about those who have a honest intent. But to use such beautiful wisdom and enlightenment to scam others is self serving. Money is not going to do a damn thing if your heart and head are a mess. If you try to surround yourself in “abundance” you’ll have more issues as well. Money is paper. If you want to use it wisely, you need to balance yourself first.

If I got rich right now, I could say I would do honest things with it. Charity and buy a home. Yes of course, we all would right? But would it heal your heart or soul? I believe we must work from the ground level up. We must start with us.  There is so much to learn and grow from around us. Others to reach out to and listen to. Lessons and experiences that send energy and love to us. Experience is the key. Can you imagine how much healing energy there would be, if people stopped using it all to make money, and used it to become more peaceful and humble. we would not need so much money to survive if we shifted our focus. Sad, in this time right now we live in, that is going to take a lot of love and energy. Perhaps it’s easier for people to focus on personal gain of money, rather then trying to feel what it’s like to use this beautiful energy and love to tune into others and experience pure truth and harmony. The earth is here for us, what is more a gift then all that is on it? The trees and air we breathe. The children we raise and the animals we share it all with.  I need money to buy food and clothing. I need money to travel and for my home. So I use money. It’s a tool yes. I can gather money like I would if I wanted firewood. You work a little. Working a bit keeps you grounded and grateful. Why on earth would I want to deprive myself of this buy just “willing money” into my life? I NEED to experince the beautiful satisfaction of knowing I have earned it all. Then, I give back.

No, I don’t mean just drop a 5 dollar bill in a bucket for charity. I mean, give back everywhere I am. I open my heart to others in any way I can. I need to experience the giving back.  To be in the moment when someone who needs food, can get this from me. When someone is lonley and I can comfort them. When nature is hurting and needs help, I can plant the trees and clean their forest (even if it’s a small bit at a time). With my hands and heart, not just my money. When I give, I am healing. Myself and who/what ever I give to in love.

I think the true intent of the secret is getting jaded. Yes, we can have anything we want. We have the law of attraction! But, it’s like giving a blind man a car. What is the use? It can get into the wrong hands and come out warped and twisted. Then what? It sends out more warped and twisted greed, creating and breeding this mindset. With the beautiful awareness comes responsibility. Those who have this beautiful understanding can help guide those who seek this. But there are those who just do not get what was really meant for, and are out there giving false security to so many innocent souls. So with this blog, I say a big in your ass to those corporate money mongers who think their book of energy or video of self serving crap is going to change the universe. Remember, the universe knows only truth. Though you might fool those around you for a while, that will be a lot of false energy come back to you. I hope you can handle it…

One thought on “Money, Money Get All You Can!

  1. Wow, Reine. Wicked deep.

    I’m glad that you are able to express things that some of us can only feel (primarily because we suck at words).

    You are a blessing, for sure.


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