Perception; Do We Take It For Granted?

I am reading this intense book, that I feel like I wished I could have read years ago. It’s called “This Is Your Brain On Music” by Daniel J Levitin. Just 26 pages into this book, and my mind is racing. Light bulbs are turning on every paragraph. Thanks to the kind soul who told me about this! So, this line is lingering in my head… “Color only occurs when it interacts with my eyes.”
The writer is talking about perception. That color is a internal mental image. That the apple may “appear” red, its atoms are not themselves red. Such a simple thing to understand, but when you start to add in  emotions and what we send out into the universe, it can make you stop and think. How much of what we feel is acted upon only when we justify it from another reaction? Like the colors we see, that is only color when our eyes send it to our minds; how much love is really there, if no one can feel it? When we walk out the door each day, we take for granted the people we leave behind know we love them. We say I love you,  we take for granted they feel it and hear it. But what happens when we are gone for the day? Have we made our mark on perception to leave love around them and ourselves? Are emotions like colors? We can love without having it returned and still feel basked in the glow of just loving.  Is this sort of love in more depth because we are experiencing it, like color, because WE are in the moment? What if the apple to someone else is green. We see it red. How do we measure the apple? We usually decide it’s an apple no matter what. Do we do this also with love? Do we just decide all love is the same, no matter what others see it as, and deprive ourselves of depth? I think we do. When asked what is love, or define love, people give their understanding of it. But unless someone else has the exact same perception, only YOU are experiencing the love you feel in that way, not the other person. Because like color, it only occurs when it interacts with your mind. So, I am still pondering a few ideas I have about this. I am not really sure it makes a ton of sense put into this wording. I might have another concept of this after I put it to the back of my mind and let it resurface when something triggers a AH Ha moment. For now, I am going to let my perception rest.

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