Nose Hair Of Doom!



It was wrong,
I could not help but stare,

My attention kept turning,

To your one nasal hair.


It protruded quite vividly,

Though I tried not to gag,

The fear it would fly out,

Had my thoughts going mad.

I rubbed my own nose,

Thought you would too,

Instead you kept talking,

That plan was no good.


I offered a tissue,

You politely declined,

Said your sinuses were healthy,

Though, I thought you were blind!


With each breath you took,

The hair would twitch.

How could you not feel that?

Don’t that thing itch?


I got mental pictures,  it flew out of your nose,

Onto my lip, in my eye, or got stuck to my clothes.

Made me step back, with dry heaves cause it’s gross.

Should I run? 

Give you scissors, a mirror, tweezers or a gun?

Finally you smiled,

We talked for a while,

The nose hair was certainly lacking in style.

I said my farewells,  to the nose hair of doom!


The lesson here folks,

Remember to groom!



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