The Beginning


What drew you, to the place of no faith?

What did you clutch, when the lights went dim?

Night was a cascade of reality, broken by insecurity.


What comforts, can also absorb,

Whispers in the core, tell you let go,

Remember life, is ebb and flow.

Don’t brake the waves of thought,

This is what you were taught.

You have to break the chain,

Find some answers, to this claim.


Steady days of endless searching,

Face the science of the soul,

What was broken into pieces,

Found it’s glue, and now is whole.

All this time, the world inside you,

Had a voice, but drowned in fear.

Now you’re free, of all convictions,

Reminds your heart, just why you’re here.


Sleep so sweetly, in your slumber,

Ask the questions, that make you wonder.

Answers come, when time is ready,

Life is slow, but always steady.

Pain and sorrows fill you in,

Break the boundaries, and breathe again.

What began, will never end.




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