The DNA Of Duran Duran

spiritsunsept7th2012 037

Enigma by design;

You are chromosomes defined.

Note by note, you spiral.

This molecular fusion,

Becomes, optical illusions formed in my eyes.

Stretch across my mind.

The DNA of chord progressions;

Transfusion of sound in waves;

Form cells of ambience,

In my veins.

You are the science of musical notation.

Formed into matter, diffused and then scattered in my brain.

Atomic layers of indigo and green,

Melt to form your energy.

Strings of bass bend tone to light,

The drumming is the heart of life.

The voice of liquid, adrenaline and emotions

Keeps the equilibrium pulsing.

Synthisize and staturate, you are the structure of being.

This is the equation of Duran Duran.



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