I found one of the most powerful ways of reaching others is with creativity. To me, it’s when the most honest and truthful part of a person comes through. We are sometimes held back by fear and insecurity. When a soul is being creative, it’s vibrations and energy is able to open up the very same in others. Why do you think music is such a powerful medium for humanity? Music is the very creative expression, that has all the elements of the soul in it. The tones and notes melt into the mind and can evoke emotions and sensations. The words if there are any, can paint visual images and stories/lessons for us to think about. The galaxy and all of nature has a tone/vibration of “music” that gives order to what could become chaos. That is very powerful don’t you agree?

Numbers and scientific notations have a form of rhythm to them. Even DNA has it. Creation in any form can all come back to some sort of music. How so? Simple; when you think of string theory, you see an evolution of something. Action and reaction, polarity, energy. All of this has formula, and formula can be heard to some degree because anything sent out, has energy. Though we cannot hear the vibrations a earthquake sends off, there are seismic recorders that has capture such vibration and put it on paper as sound waves for us to see. The very same sound waves you would “See” if you put a guitar on paper as vibrations. What does this have to do with the soul and being inspired? When you open up and see how vast it is all around us, how everything gives us it’s creative energy and has been doing so for millions of years, the sun and the planets, the ocean and the elements. It gives you a greater understanding why connecting with others in a creative way hits so deeply. When you send out creativity, you inspire others to follow suit. You set off a chain reaction, much like the music of the spheres that follow a perfect harmonic balance in the universe. They “music” of the spheres can change the tides! We can as well. We are in our most perfect state when we are creating.

Ever listen to a instrument or see a color that just resonates within you? Perhaps the cello when you close your eyes, feels as though it’s vibrating in your heart area. Maybe you’ve felt as though it’s vibrations are painting your mind/soul is a beautiful deep mahogny? How beautiful to be able to share this with others. To be the cello’s creative master sending out such amazing connections to others. People in this state let down their walls and let perception in. Ever hear the term, “love me, love my art”? I believe this to be so very true.

We know music has been thought of as devine in nature for eons, as well as art and poetry. Dance has been a expression of many cultures for hundreds of years, to connect in many sacred ceremonies. When we look at a photograph someone has shared, we are seeing through someones “minds-eye”. We are opening our senses and perceptions.  In this I believe, we can find the purest form of love. When someone is sharing their creativity with us, they are being pure. When two people can sit together and create a song or lyric, sing and play piano, dance or cook a meal, they are raising their vibration levels to the highest they can be. It also soars through the universe like a ripple in the ocean. Creating more positivity around them. How very beautiful no? I believe that those who can share creatvity can have the deepest love in existence. It can change the universe. Even in the moment, with both souls. Vibrating on the same level, both will never be the same. It can heal and bring peace.

So to all the creative souls out there, please keep sharing your masterpieces, no matter what it might be. You have the power to shine!


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