As I put down my guard, and talked through my fear,

I told you a secret, in my heart I held near.

How foolish I feel, as the words came to fall, through my fingers like prisms of light on my wall.

I look in the mirror, to find what is wrong; Is my light somehow tainted that I’ll never belong?

Could it be, what I see, in others is fake? Might my mind be near sighted and my soul is misguided?

What’s left to believe? If my world is deceived? All that I see… seemed real to me.

Perspective when interospective can cause the universe to break.

All these years, this life held silent, with a smile in my eyes and the hope never died.

Words scrolled on paper, held together by time. No one cared to read them, no one tried to find why.

How I wanted to shine.  In someones mind.

Just once.

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