Self Absorbed=Less Aware (something to think about)

Mulling around the Internet on these social networks and networking sites has made me step back a bit. What started off as a very useful tool to connect with others of like minds and exchange ideas and support one another, has sadly become self absorbed.  everyone has a e-book now and everyone has a product now. Everyone has a band you should hear or a website you should see. The positive thing is, more people are following  their dreams! The thing that is getting lost is, people are getting so rapped up in self promoting, they do not take time anymore to show others support. Of course you need to get your ideas and music/product/art out there, one has to be relentless in many ways. What good is it might I ask, if people tune you out though, because you never listen back?

I myself have nothing in the works for projects, I love interacting with like minded people and exploring each others ideas and encourage others in their projects. I am writing this blog in hopes to connect with others and perhaps put a project together with others in a creative sense that can have multi-layers and ideas for others searching for understanding. There are many ways to reach and feel understanding. I am not looking to make money off it or brainstorm the next The Magic In Your Mind book. But the more people you can connect with and share with, the more your eyes open and you can experience another view (one you might miss).

There are millions of blogs on line, myspace and facebook pages. Twitter is mostly people talking about their projects. I always take time to read or view anything someone shares with me. Not just for that person, but I open my mind and find something of value from it. Always. Feedback is very important. Why do it all then and put it out there? But you get what you give. If you take the time to give a little and explore WITH others, you are creating connections that will serve you well. If you just toss up your link and tell people “here read this” and never really see WHO or WHY someone does and ask, then you are missing the most valuable lesson of the exchange. The lives you touch and meant to in the first place. So if your new CD does not sell, or no one goes to see your band, or buys your e-book, perhaps it has nothing to do with how good it is, or how it touches lives; more the fact is you never took the time to get to know those who do pay attention.

I hope those who I interact with each day, know how I value them deeply. Even if it’s a poem I wrote that they read, or a blog like this I posted. A lyric or song I’ve sung, they are all part of the equation. I know when I look out into the faces of the people at my poetry reading or musical set, I know they are there because I value them, as much as they do me in that moment. Networking and becoming a Internet presence means give and take, or it’s just another “space”.


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