Comfort Zones

I’ve been thinking about this a lot. How in life, we all have this certain place we call a comfort zone. Be it your job, your home, your love life; we never question it, and stay in it because it’s comforting. How does this happen to us? As children, we are the fire of adventure. The innocence makes us dare to dream and push limits. Something happens in life, where things do not go as we planned, and instead of not giving up, we find this comfort zone. It’s a double edged sword. We all need a safe place to go to when life is harsh. We spend our lives looking for this. We have it down to a science. But we slow down our growth as souls. I’m not saying one needs to jump from a plane to step outside a comfort zone; but for some that might be what it takes. look at how people stay with each other in relationships, who are not really matched well, but think they will be alone. Or they think they fear hurting a bit, maybe they have material things they don’t want to lose by moving on.  People grow and change, and who someone might have been (right for you at the time) they could have grown over time.  Maybe the job has become a drone. You are not challenged and it’s a easy drive and you’ve been there so long, why leave? Comfort zone.

Yet, when someone steps out of that zone a bit, and feels the amazing feeling when they start to challenge themselves a bit, and start to feel again, they notice right away what they had been missing out on. I have known a few people, who have routines-they never stray from them. they wake up the same time, shower the same time, drive the same way to work. Their tag lines are, “if it ain’t broke, why fix it?”

These same people, I talk to, are always depressed and trying to fill voids with other things. Over eating, drinking, drugs and sitting in front of the TV for hours on end. Yes, I know, what ever makes you happy, who am I to judge?  I’m not. I’m not anyone to judge. But I’ve been there. I lived in a comfort zone, in hindsight, it was not really that comforting. I just was afraid that I’d go from a frying pan, into the fire. It’s fear. It holds you back.

People let love slip by each day, because either they are afraid of getting hurt, are with someone they are in a routine with and have that comfort zone (they are not really connected, share few passions and do not inspire each other at all) Or they have shallow ideals. Even the shallow ideals is a comfort zone. They “have not found that person yet” so better to be alone then step outside the comfort zone and date someone different then the perfect ideal.

The soul cannot help but change. Evolution is everywhere. You cannot stop time. Even if we do not make the physical changes, if it’s in your mind and heart, you already made the biggest change/step. You’ve altered your thinking and feeling. All that is left from that, is actions.

If you sit at your desk, dreaming of owning your own business, but have not made that move. You are still in the process of change. The comfort zone is the talking yourself out of it.

If you are married, but you find yourself falling for someone else, just thinking of someone else as a love is telling you something. Your heart is moving on. Why live like that? Why not take action and work towards your own business or new love?

Yes, yes, true blue. Yes, loyal to your boss and your husband/wife. Of course. But what if your boss or spouse knew you were not there 100%? Does that not hold them back as well from having someone to work for them or love them, the way they need? Comfort zones can hold you back.

Look at those who soar. Those who you admire you push limits and shine. They are in active evolution. They are humble and understand life changes. Sometimes they make the changes. When someone is exploring and opening up to understand their callings in life, they begin to see the most amazing things happening around them. They begin to “tune in” on things. It’s our OK from the universe telling us we are on the right path. You will get signs all around you if you open up your mind and accept them as just that. Maybe a house you wanted to buy, has a porch swing you dreamed of as a kid. Maybe that job you were dreaming of,  landed in the daily paper and you opened to that exact page. Why brush that off? It’s the universe telling you it’s time to change. Get out of your comfort zone and let the universe guide you a bit. Take that chance. believe. Life is short, but it’s also fucking amazing when you are not just surviving, but living.


One thought on “Comfort Zones

  1. Reine- to some people, change is scary and difficult. To them it is much easier to wallow in the ‘comfort zone’ but complain about it. Yes, there are things that I want to do but maybe I’m afraid, maybe I’m lazy; but then I stop and think about all of the things I have done/completed/accomplished and it motivates me to do more.

    This blog is definitely challenging my thought process. Keep the insights coming!!!!

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