Can You Change The Souls Path?

I am going to talk about Soul Archetypes. Your archetype tells a lot about who you were, who you currently are, and your soul destiny.  This of course is what we are to have decided before we were born, to learn from and heal from as our life themes. We spend a lot of time trying to change our so called “destiny” to suit our wants and desires. We want to send out into the universe these powerful wants and draw things to us. Of course this can be done. There really is no major mind blowing code to decipher to know like attracts like and you get what you give. But what becomes hard for many is understanding that, we do have a purpose here. We are not just here to gain and live in abundance. That is a small part of life. The universe does not have to “think” about anything. We do all that. It just keeps us. like a mother does her children. Our souls are what makes us who we are. We have a plan. We do not come into this life knowing what that is. It would take away the journey of being here. We have to figure this all out. Some have become awakened and can seek this understanding of their journey. Some remain blinded because they would rather not believe we planned this all out before we got here. That’s fine. You do not have to be aware, you’ll follow your life path no matter what. If you stray, you’ll know that as well. The amazing thing about tuning into the path is, you will see each step and suddenly understand how everything ties in. Why are you going through such challenges? Why am I so lost right now? How could this happen to me? Yes, we have control over many things. Free will is real. But nothing will ever change your purpose. You can change how you get there, but cannot change why you need to BE there.

Ever have something repeat over and over in your life, and you have no idea why the same things keep happening? it’s your soul telling you something. It won’t go away till you sort it out. Now this might sound contriversail and piss some off, but I believe this to be truth. Do we deserve to be ill seriously in life? No. It’s a awful thing. But that soul is experiencing this, perhaps chose to heal something that only this sort of experience can teach them. I’m not saying that we cannot heal our bodies and that certain illnesses are not from environment. But the reason why you experience is the soul is growing. This is why to judge another persons downfall in your eyes or actions/reactions/illnesses is not seeing the big picture. You do not know what the persons soul chose to learn from this. Could be reverence, could be empathy, could be love. The old saying is, “you don’t know, unless you are in that persons shoes.” Well, the soul does this. It come into this  life as a human being to feel. To heal and experience things from many angles. Perhaps in one life, a person had been without empathy, they had watched others become ill and did nothing. In this life, they asked to learn from the past and they now have become ill. We would not know this unless we open up to find your souls path.

Does this mean those who are suffering have done bad in a past life. No, it does not. Suffering is not about being punished. It’s about feeling. When you think of someone like Hitler, who has done such cruel things, you want to believe he will suffer and that no one deserved his treatment. No, in humanity, we do not and should not experience such things ever again. But his actions taught many people, many deep lessons that will never be repeated.

Think about this, had the law of attraction been something everyone was trying to do during those times, someone like Hitler has access to it, do you think the Universe would have allowed him to do such things? Yes. it would have. The LOA has been forever. It’s just the right time for more people to have awakened to the understanding of it. The souls have awakened to it. But this is not something people can use to change their soul path. Just how you get there. How you experience the journey. You can have a amazing journey of many things you are happy with, or you can chose a very difficult path, like Hitler and your circle will still come full, but you will not understand why you lived.

If you can understand what I am saying, you can even find comfort in knowing, that you have thought your soul to be this amazing and worth the challenges you gave yourself. The more you overcome, the greater you shine and the higher your vibrations become. Now those souls who have a easy life, might have already experienced things in another life, and do not have to have huge challenges. We cannot judge.

If you want a few keys as to know why you are here and what your soul type is, you have to do some honest looking into yourself. By this I mean, you must admit or be open to see things as what they are, and not how bad it might seem or how good.

Example, say you keep meeting the same type of person over and over. You get to know them, and who ever you meet always seems to drain you. You have at least 5 people in your life right now, that always complain and are never happy. Perhaps it’s not THEM, it’s you. Now the LOA says you attracted these people. Yes, you have! But why? The soul needs you to learn something. Remember, Like attracts like.  You might be thinking, Fuck you, I am not in misery. No, perhaps you are not, but your soul might need to experience empathy. Your mind fails to believe this, but your soul knows it’s stuff. What we send out is not always from our mindful desires. Like, I want that job! I want that book to sell! I want to make money! Yes, yes, you can have that. But your soul is also sending out to the universe for help in learning certain requests. You just are not always aware of this. So you can either avoid these sorrowed souls, or you can start to look into different ways of dealing with them. Slowly, you will notice, things will shift. You are learning and opening up to a lesson you needed. These people might not leave, but your view of them will drastically change. You will also see something in yourself change.

Next time you see something repeat in your life, ask the universe what it is you must learn from this. Then, be open to the answers. Perhaps it’s not a lesson you feel you need, but the soul knows better then the mind. The universe will listen to your soul before your ego!

I’ve got much more thoughts on this, but my mind is doing a few things right now. more blog to come…

4 thoughts on “Can You Change The Souls Path?

  1. In a way, Reine it’s as though you are rewriting the old adage “everything happens for a reason”. If a person commits a horrendous evil in the world then there is a possibility that we either learn from it or something positive arises from the madness.

    Some other examples: The Missing Children Hotline and America’s Most Wanted may never have been created if John Walsh’s son Adam had not been kidnapped and murdered in 1981 OR schools across the Nation may not have reviewed and revamped their safety & security if it hadn’t been for the Columbine massacre.

    I do get the message but I still agree with the character Reuben from the film “Norma Rae” when he states ‘ye shall inherit but not unless you make it happen”.

  2. il semble dans cette société, nous sommes réactives et pas proactives. nous resoudrons des problèmes après une tragédie au lieu d’avant. c’est scandaleux.
    aussi je suis en accord de votre analyses des zones de confort mais pour des personnes qui ont handicaps et ont besoin d’aider, ils ne peuvent pas partir plus facilement. il est plus difficile parce que la personne dans la zone de confort leur aider.

  3. Thank you both very much for taking time to read my blog and leave your thoughts on it. I want to hear other views and open my mind to all angles of this. So your comments help a lot.

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