Blank; Mind In Rest Mode?

Have you ever had someone ask you how you are feeling, and you were not really focused on it at that moment. Then you find yourself trying to find the right words to describe the “mood” you are in? Not unhappy at all, not feeling blissfully beaming either. Not much on your mind and if pushed you could almost say tranquil. I’ve used the word blank a few times now, but people seem to take that as a negative state to be in. Perhaps it’s due to the fact many say they feel blank or “numb” when they have been tossed into a very emotional state and have had enough of it. So they go “numb” so to speak. What exactly happens when we go numb? Does the mind really cut us off from emotions? Do we sit in a limbo state of not progressing or dealing with life? I chose to believe not.

I do agree sometimes after a emotional high of any sort – good or bad, we tend to need downtime to just ‘be’. I also believe sometimes this blank time we have is usually before a huge brainstorm is coming or intense lesson about to be brought into our awareness and the mind will need all the strength it can muster to grasp/use the moments and awareness with power.

But blank is like darkness, it’s nothing bad, just ‘without’ light. A blank canvas has so many possibilities. I believe this to also be a re-start button of sorts to the soul. It’s in sleep mode taking everything in we just went through so it can make the right choices when the awakening hits. We spend time recharging our souls with many things. We meditate and we use positive projection to help others. We nurture our bodies and surround our souls with love. even though these are the most beautiful states to be in, we still need stillness for the soul. Even love in it’s purest form is still moving the soul. To be still and blank, is to not have intent or purpose in those hours/moments. To let the universe fully guide you OUT of the state is the most profound trust and truth one can experience. Why? Because the universe will fill the ‘blank’ with just what you really need. Hence the fact that the profound awakening or motivation will come after being blank for a bit. I believe it’s the souls way of showing us we are more then thoughts and actions, we are indeed part of everything and exist without mindful intent. What a amazing thing to understand that being blank can transform you and open the purest channels to your high self when the soul and the universe align. You do not even have to believe, it’s just so.

The thing this challenges for me is, action-reaction.  Is it really so then that we must put forth into the universe something we want to get it always? Is it possible that we can just be ‘blank’ and the universe will guide us to what we need rather then want? Are you strong enough to trust?

I challenge you to believe in the universe and yourself enough to just let yourself be blank sometimes. Let your mind stop racing with worries and thoughts and actions, and just exist. write down the very first few emotions you feel after the blank period and what you noticed brought you right out of it. Those first few moments might not seem profound to you right away, but after a few days, you will see how it was perfectly guiding you to something greater.  Are you ready to open your mind?

Atomic Love Notes


Your current is rising, high above my head

The shock is mesmerizing,

Throws me to a void.


Enkephalin drowns me,

Astounding that you found me,

But you would not stop the voltage,

Racing through my veins.


Adrenaline, descending

Supernova, impending.

This frequency you’re sending,

Leaves me barely standing.


Select, reflect

At last, connect

But I cannot emulate,

What’s not evolved?


Equation solved, pattern dissolved.

The rings around your eyes are gone.

WE stand still, we race time,

You could not let the moment lie.

Intellect, dissect

Atomic, neglect

This is how I blew your mind.





Blue Butterfly


Stale air, hangs around as haze.

Fallen into a daze, moist lips.

She traces her life in a phrase.

Blue lights bring hue to her eyes,

They glisten with nocturnal surprise.

Caught between ancient philosophy,

Modern stability, There is no simplicity

She ran out of time.

Streets clamor, surround and surrender.

Will this life defend her honor?

Dreams spoke to her, nurtured the past to present tense.

What was left, that has not been said?

Blue beauty, Don’t you see?

The rain is not your enemy.

Let it pour, let it sting,

This is how you break the ring.

Paint your wisdom, with ruby lips.

Close your eyes and let it slip away.

The night can’t hide you anymore,

In the day, you’re on your own.

Don’t run, make your home.

You must know that you belong.

Just a thought, became a truth.

Know this was because of you.

Blue butterfly, spread your wings,

Woman you are everything.

Beautiful and blue.


Children Of The Sun

Children of the sun,
Bask in her energy,
Heal in the waves of warmth,
Let the mind be free.

We are one, under the sun,
Painting the earth, from a solar rebirth.
Tuned to the sky, her heat will rise,
Like the hands of time, we cannot wait.

Love is blind, love is real,
Under the sun, this is how I feel.
Touch my mind, melt my fears,
In the light, you kiss my tears.

Here we soar, here we feed.
Two souls become, what we believe,
Sacred beauty, whisper your truths,
As the planets align, our light is blue.

Magical, mystical, fire in the sky,
Burn my eyes, if I seem blind.
I kneel in your wisdom, I thrive in your rays,
Like a prisim, we reflect the day,
This is how I learned to pray,
Absorbing what you are…


The Key


I follow no false prophets,

I follow no illusions,

The ego, the superficial

We are, always have been.


Kami, Shaman, Sage, Sufi

We all reach for Brahman.

We all search for truth.

Creation, numbers, nature, the universe listens.

Be open to the answers.


Gratification, expectation,

Let go of it.

Dream, be silent,



We are PI, we are color,

We are flesh and bone.

We are ideas, love, universal.

Life is karma,

Life the circle,

In the palm of your mind,

You hold the key.



Ice (woman of vengeance)

So cold woman, your eyes like ice,
Your tongue, lashes like fire,
Hands like barbed wire,
Cut to the chase.
Vengeance for power,
You seep, in such morbid hours,
Was I your spy?
Tricked into information,
Changed my identification.
Was I your, claim to fame?
What a treacherous game you play.
Such a temptress lady,
A un-even exchange,
You run for cover,
But I still taste your name.

Rolls off my mind like glass,
Shattered from your past,
You’re the mistress of my barren soul,
All your anger, takes its toll.

So distraught angel,
Your heart is stone,
Heavy to carry,
Harder to hold.

Bare your teeth, scrape my back,
In any moment, you attack.
Words, your weapons,
Silence your shield,
Hope someday, you find your ideal.

Look at me rebel,
I am whats real,
But you’ll never know,
Cause you can’t feel.
Lonely woman, eyes of ice,
Seen your life of sacrifice.
Torn and bitter, to the end,
Drink down your sorrows,
Now I’m a free man.


Ambassador Of Destiny


Imagination, the eternal flow,

Ambassador of the creative glow,

Shine your energies, beautiful soul,

Show me hope, help me grow.


Majestic columns, protect the heart,

Focus, on the soothing warmth,

Caught my breath, worlds apart,

But the pull is strong,

And I will follow.


In the wake, passed a thousand years,

Ancient whispers, cling like tears,

Sail across the livid sky,

Without form, you touch my mind.


Ageless, altered, suspended time,

In this moment we recognize,

How we changed destiny…





In your mind, the words decieve;

I could not reach you;

Because you would not believe.

A world so shattered, a heart so torn;

I tried to show you, how love belonged.

Why you stepped back, encased in fear;

Has left me helpless, to teach you to heal.

In your hours outside the pain;

You shine like a prism, that bleeds through the rain.

Close your eyes, hold your breath;

Let the calm become you, the soul will drift.

On your knees, scream to the sky;

Do not ask why, just fall.

Please believe, that I will catch you;

I will hold you;

If you just let go….



Souls In Sync; How Are We Connected?

A few uncanny parallels have once again prompted me to think about this. Last evening a friend had asked me  to help with something, I had been about to do. Not your average thing to ask mind you. So the fact I had been looking into it about 15 min before they asked was cool. We have had a few instances now where we have been writing about the same things at the same time. We are on two opposite sides of the globe on two different time zones; yet we have the same ideas a lot. It makes me wonder if what happens is people become familiar with each other to a extent, and then start to tap into each others vibrations. The other thought it, perhaps we are of the same soul pool before we came to this life we have now. How do we find each other in this life? Do we send off like vibrations or energies and send out into the universe a sort of signal to each other? When we do meet up with like souls, do we increase our vibrations because two of the same energy is now parallel? I believe the old saying, “together we stand, divided we fall.” The amazing light and love like souls meeting can send out and help others with must be powerful. it’s magical as well because we then know we are on our right path to have two lives meet. Could we be filling a pact we made with each others souls before this life, to meet up when we most need it for a sign we are almost where we need to be? I noticed it was as simple as asking the universe to meet other like souls, as I felt like I was yearning to connect with others on that level. there is the theory of the universal mind as well. are there soul pools, or is it the universal mind that Jung claims we all tap into, and perhaps the same energy signals we send out, bounce back from another we are interacting with at that time?  How do we tell soul mates from soul twins? Is there really just one person we love that we connect with on that level of vibration/thinking? What do we do when we meet others who we are in sync with? I believe to brush it off would be very foolish. If you believe in the soul and that we are all here on the journey, then we can use this beautiful meeting of like souls to send out stronger love to the universe and humanity. It is healing I believe to the soul to know it’s not alone on it’s vibration level. Is it possible to advance faster with others together then alone at that point? I believe so. The key is to believe and see what a amazing thing it is, to find others who you do not have to explain yourself to. Somehow, like souls just understand each other. It’s also letting us know, that indeed the mind does not control everything, but the heart and soul. The mind just makes sense of what the soul already knows. 

What is a vibration? It’s the level of energy and love we have inside our souls and how aware we are of ‘being’. Imagine life having different levels superimposed ontop of each other. Some of us are on a higer vibration because of more life experience we LEARNED from. Not that our lives have been more difficult or easy. It goes by how and why we learned and grew. Some perhaps are stuck in the same mistakes over and over; it can make the vibrations lower, and the level of ‘being’ a bit lower. None are bad to be, just at different rates of learning. It can take a soul lifetimes to get to a point. But time does not matter. Some souls are on their last life, and vibrate at a very strong and high love/rate/light/energy. these souls are the sages and masters of many lives. They are here to help those of us still with lives to go and lessons to learn yet, to find our way. These sages are peaceful and have no egos holding them to life, but have come to understand their true callings and path. There are some souls who have repeated their life lessons at many angles because they just could not get it, or refused to believe. These souls are a very deep vibration and the energy they give off is dim. They are depressed all the time and are lost. Those with a stronger energy can “send energy” their way with love and compassion and help them find their way on track {along with their guides}. The more love you give and the more open you are to connecting with others, the greater your light and energy shines. But I am getting off track.

My point is, that like souls are like love and light. They have found each other because their journies are about to come to something important perhaps and they need more love and light to make it so? I am going to intuition on this bit, and hope others who had this happen would be cool enough to share with me and perhaps understand this more.

Creating Our Universe

When we use the term Universe, are we talking about everything in creation? Are we meaning what we perceive around us? Is it a greater being or force of light and love (a godhead)? I think in order to create a life we want to live, we must first define what the universe is to us. Some may feel that is not something we can do. I believe we can. Though, it might be on many levels, it’s still something we need to have a concept of, even just to us, before we can ask it for anything, or send things out into it. Past, present, future; does it matter about those things in the universe? Of course it does. It all ties into the present. The here and now. What we know as our universe and lives from living in our moment, is that we do exist. We also have always existed, because we are thinking of things in the past. Thoughts are things. If you go back to the time of Pharaohs in Egypt, their teachings, does it mean anything to us? If you are studying it, it brings all relevance into there here and now, making it very much a part of YOU. I suppose some might argue that is not the case. But let me ask this, why be a musician, or a writer, or want to be a parent if nothing out of the moment we are born matters?  If we die and our works and children go on, do you want all your loving thoughts and creations to be meaningless? Do you want your works of life to go unseen or cared for? If we say that the Pharaohs are meaningless in our lives, then we are not seeing the bigger picture. There are people all over the world we have never met or will never meet; living, breathing and loving sending vibes and energy all over. We are all connected. To say because we cannot bring them individually into our perceptions and not have them really exist or matter is sounding odd to me. How do we explain the energy? Why send out loving vibes into a universe then, that we cannot perceive on that level and want love back? Back from what might I ask then, if we find everything not in the here and now in our perceived universe as only what we know?

So this comes to where I ask, how do you perceive the universe? Is it all around YOU, is it what holds all creation? Does it contain thought and actions; love and compassion? If Einstein sent out love and thought, it never ends. The energy and knowledge is still floating around the universe until someone perceives it. It affects us because it’s actions and reaction. Sort of like this; if you scream and shout in anger, you are sending out those vibes.  If I read about your anger and shouting, I am not feeling it, but it’s a thought, and thoughts are things and then it becomes a part of me. I have seen YOU in my perception as such. So it turn, it does affect me, through YOU. What I chose to do with it is up to me.

How do we create a universe? I believe it is very important for humanity to keep balance. To live for yourself and your dreams is beautiful, but we are all here together for a reason. The universe did not create us each alone. We came to be through others. WE belong helping each other. What I ask for in the universe, can and will affect all those around me. The universe will seek balance I believe. If I do not give balance, it will make sure I have it. perhaps it will take many lifetimes to have it as such, but then again, time has no bounds.

It’s late and I am getting sleepy. I still have many questions on this. I do know, the mind is a blank canvas, and the universe we paint means life and evolution goes on.

My Solar Love Potion


Solar energy encases my mind,

Billows from the sky,

Floods my eyes,

Suddenly blind.


Pour over my shoulders,

Spill down my back,

Heat and steam fill my breath,

Burning my lips,

Swollen from your kiss.

Stare into the eclipse,

Slip away.


Wandering day,

Blissful sights,


Passing time.


Share this with me,

Change history,

Break your chains,

Taste my rain;

Heal your pain,

Feel no shame,

Lets blend our senses,

We’re so the same.


You could finish my thoughts,

Or write my next line,

Share ideas,

Play like children;

Lose ourselves,

Really feel.


The seed is planted,

Don’t take for granted what is here.

Don’t be shy,

Don’t ask why?

Just come near,

And share your smile.



Copy write 2006

Take It; For What It Is

The imperfections of a human nation,
Brought to the surface,
With the modern day segregation.
Hypocrites, lunatics and fascists writing speeches,
Trying to teach us, and force feed us.
What is education, in a angry nation?
Nothing left for imagination or creation.
Take this for what it is.

Point fingers in a house of glass.
See how fast the masses come to the rescue.
Everyone’s got answers, But no one knows what to do.
Talk is cheap, in a world of over indulged haikus.
Everyone’s been abused.
Everyone’s been bruised.
Not a day goes by, that someone does not cry,
I am a victim of the system,
To anyone who will listen,
Take this for what it is.

Pop icons rule the world,
Coffee table reading is in the classrooms.
The internet, is that little pill,
So hard to swallow,
So many follow blindly,
Take this for what it is.

Intellect in retrospect,
Can fall short in the wrong hands,
This does not make the man.
Serial killers can have high IQ’s,
See this everyday in the news,
Take this for what it is.

All we are told, life’s evolution.
We can fill it with fear and disillusion,
You can spend it judging and searching truths.
In the end, you will look in the mirror,
And it will still be you.
Take this for what it is.

Parrallel; Déjà vu; Same Wave Length?

I’ve been thinking about these terms a lot as of late. Its come to the front of my mind because I have noticed many of these things have been happening around me and with me. I’m not sure if we consciously tune into others or perhaps if it’s the universal mind at work; but no matter how I try to understand it, it still gives me chills and makes me smile. I do not dig the term “psychic” because it is not something I do all the time, nor would I want to. I’m not out warning people of immanent danger and giving advice. I’d rather not – but it has seem to me that over time being able to tune into others on like vibrations has become stronger for me. I know I am not the only one who has noticed it either. Quite a few people I talk to throughout my day has said to me, “like minds” or “we are on the same wavelength”. I cannot seem to tune into myself as well. I wish I could. Now, I know when I am on my right path, because things show up as a blatant “ok” from the universe. But it’s still amazing to me when people can connect on a level that is parallel in many ways and completely not intentional.

I know this sort of tied into the past life thing. Feeling like you know someone somehow, though you’ve just met. Or perhaps you lives run parallel you come to find, and have the same sort of lessons you are learning or motions you are going through. I’ve been wondering what we are meant to see from this in this life? Should it be something we do pay attention to, or is that thinking too much? How do people just dismiss these sort of things as they are just coincidence? Maybe by looking at those around you, who are drawn to you, you can really see yourself and see what you are sending out. It’s amazing to me and I am having reverence for such moments when lives sort of collide and expand by entwining. Jung once said,     I Like this quote I dislike this quoteThe meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed.

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Making A Difference; Making A Huge Change

This is not going to be my usual blog. I had a very profound thing happen to me yesterday, that changed my gears and course in life.

First I must put my fears aside of being open and sharing things with people. I had some bad experiences with being too open and had it backfire on me, and could not handle the hurt that followed. So I closed myself off to getting close to people. Did not want to trust people. But slowly it’s been fading and I want to reach out and open up again. I am not one to complain or say “oh woe as me”. I have always seen life as being a struggle on different level for many people, so who am I to complain? But my life the last year has been a huge transformation. Many of you know my ex had just left me and my 3 children. He and I had been together 15 years. We tried to work things out and even had another baby who is now 2. But he just decided I guess he did not want to be part of this anymore and just took off with someone else. I was evicted from my home because I was not able to afford it on my own with 3 children this last June. I won’t go into all the stuff in between. I will only say that I have worked my way out of being homeless and got myself some training and brushed up on my business skills. I was gearing to getting my own home and running my own business. I am a writer by gift and can sing really well. I even thought about that on the side. I had been on Twitter and myspace trying to work some stuff up for my own promotions of the new venture I was going to do. But something felt missing. I found myself feeling less drawn to it all after being surrounded by people bombarding me with links to their “new innovative course!” or their “how to be successful on line” stuff. Get a free present and sign up now! I mean everyone and their Mother is doing this. It hit me, I am not on line to do this stuff. I wanted to just connect with other like souls with honest intentions besides making huge amounts of money, and just have a deep chat or a fantastic laugh. I try to show support to people I believe in. I always do, without really needing much back. I am not the, “now what are you gonna do for me?” type. That’s bullshit. If I go to your concert, buy your book or link your website, it’s because I think it’s fucking amazing. It impacted me in some way. Nothing more. But I regress. I could make money on line and sell you a vacation on the moon, but big deal. My soul is hurting for something more. So I had applied a bit back for a grant to continue schooling. To me a education and knowledge is such power. To work on the soul and the mind feels good to me as well as my body. I had found out that my grant went through! I got it!!!

Now, what do I want to learn? I was signing up for these business courses again wanting to become this mastermind like everyone I was meeting online. I wanted to fit in and be successful for once in my life. I went as far as sending in my picks. But I was not sleeping and felt lost about it.

I thought I will meet a really nice fella who is positive if I become this go getter. Not feel so lonely and also give people help in some way with my promotions company. But the more I went on with this, the worse I felt. WHY??? I could not understand! everyone now around me was telling me right on Reine. You did it! I am not sure the exact moment, but I called the school and told them I did not want to do the business course. I wanted to become a nurse. Now of course that’s a drastic switch, I was not really sure where the hell it came from. It just came out.

Last night, I deleted most of my twitter and most of myspace. I will keep up the poems there, because it’s my love. I reach people with my poetry. I want to help with my heart and my soul and connect with others somehow. But how? I knew last night to help them with my whole being. Not just writing poetry or blogs, not just making a business to “seem” successful. That is not for everyone. But to be a success to my own heart by helping those who are sick and in need. I start my classes in September and then I will be working in hospice. I will use my poetry and things I come to understand in my blog to help others with my love, my passions and my music. I want to feel with people. I am also going to take some Reiki courses that my uncle could help me with to learn how to use the energy to help others suffering. I know how to give to the universe with my heart and soul, not with my business sense. I know now where I must go with all this. I want to use the pain I have been feeling to remember how it feels to be lonely and help others to not feel that.

So please forgive me for taking my blog a bit off track with this entry, but this has been a huge shift for me. I have a feeling I will also find my true soulmate with this because he will be doing the same things somehow. With his heart, soul and mind. I do believe like vibrations call to each other and connect, even if we say, “oh no way”. He could be a musician or a store manager, or a train conductor, who knows. But his heart will be kind and he will be doing everything he does in and with love.

Love and light to all the kind people who take time to read my blog. xoxoxoox

The Equation Of Limbo?

Science has said that there are probable outcomes for situations. There is a can of what might be cookies on the counter. We are not sure if there are any left. Science says either there is or there is not cookies. It’s obvious to us that would be the choices. But if you have read about a certain type of theory in physics, you would also understand the “cookies” are in a sort of limbo state. To bring the cookies into reality, we first have to prove the idea wrong (that there might be none) by looking in the tin, that there are in factcookies in there. Otherwise, neither are really right. We must observe the cookies and see them to know they are there. This lead me to wonder of course, if when we manifest something, we are always manifesting both outcomes at once of what we are asking for. Example. We are using positive thought to manifest into out lives a new house. We have made room in our lives for this to pass, written it on paper and made a inspiration board of how we are going to decorate our home. But, like the cookies, it is in limbo. We have put the positive vibe for it, but there must be another probability to this. That in fact, we might not get the house. It’s as simple as the fact, every action gets a equal or opposite reaction. Will thinking negative cause it to sway one way or another? Does pure will and belief sway the cookies or house in any way? This is a big question. I believe it does.

Why does positive belief and unconditional, without a doubt knowing the house is yours bring this to you? Simple. I said it before, every action brings back a equal or opposite reaction. If you deal with the fact you might not get the house and get it out of your mind. You are taking away the other probability that science says we need. If you then focus on the reality for you, that it is yours, you are now taking awaythe limbo and the positive energy you are sending out, can only come back positive. The house is yours. Yes, old hat you might be thinking, we’ve heard this time and again. I am not here to state any sort of mind blowing revelations. I am blogging about what I am pondering. So, try to understand that. Like my blog on past life regression, some believe that there are actually two realities happening at the same time. The house becomes yours, and  other were the house does not. Both are happening in the same moment but both realities never meet. I suppose this is based on the energy expelled from thought. We have both negative and positive thought by design. We can reprogram ourselves to think more positive. Even the earth has both negative and positive energies. Now, the next thought is, can this theory apply to energy being negative?

Example; you want the house. You are having both feelings of positive and negative thoughts on getting it. Is the energy of both thoughts like the cookies? Are they both in limbo until you give one reality by observing it and cancels the other out? If you give positive thought observation and reality, can we then take away negative thought? Not just for one manifestation, but to do it all at once for everything in our lives? Do we need negative thought for some sort of balance? Does negative thought remind us to be grateful of the positive? Without one, can we recognize and understand the other? why do people want to always be positive, when everything in nature around us has both? I don’t know the answers to this, but it’s been on my mind for some time now. Do I think too much? Perhaps, but the mind is a beautiful thing. We hold the key to the universe. Why not unlock the doors…

Perception Of A Photon Kiss

Who is watching the universe?

To bring us into actuality;

Could it be, for you and me, our perception of reality?

Idealism and Quantum Mechanics;

Photons, Neurons, Nucleus and Atoms;

So romantic, our minds expanding – with deep understanding.

Kama Sutra mathematics.

The world is full of matter, regardless of appearance;

Though it seems pragmatic.

This is how it’s clearest, the subatomic level – is most fundamental,

But without interpretation, it sounds incidental.

Love is experimental, observe it though obscure,

It’s a chemical reaction, to bonding in this world.

Now perception of the universe, in theory will always be diverse;

The relative state, that we observe – rearranges to my mental curves.

So kiss my spine, with lips of fire,

In our desires, we recreate time…



It’s a great mystery;  time. Our minds cannot fathom how the universe measures it. We as sentient beings try to, but it’s still something we see as life in the here and now. Knowing this, makes me wonder if there is such a thing as reincarnation as we read about. Perhaps you have felt drawn to a certain place or time period, and have been told you had a past life there or then. Perhaps. If we cannot prove it, we cannot rule it out either. Could we have lived in the time of the ancient Romans? We could. I have wondered if it can be different for each soul, how we come to exist. It would make sense to think our life themes have a sequence to follow. Somehow. What about people you feel connected to somehow? Like that feeling you’ve known them before. I have thought perhaps we have made a pact before we got here on earth, with others to learn our lessons together. Maybe before your Mother here on earth right now, was once a son to you in another life. You are switching roles so you both can experience each other and see both views. Even down to the people that hurt you and anger you. Before we come here, we might have asked each other to help us to learn a very powerful lesson. We know it will hurt us and we’ve trusted this soul in love to be the one to hurt us in this life, so we can learn to heal. When we meet again, perhaps we will feel nothing but love for them. I also wondered if perhaps we are different manifestations of ourselves on different levels. That perhaps time is where we revisit, not re-entering new bodies so to speak. That perhaps we are experiencing things on different time levels at once. That somewhere right now, you or I are also in the past or future, in the moment, experiencing ourselves on different levels of vibration.
If you are familiar with the Akashic records, it is believed if we visit them, we are one in the moment with any information we are there to obtain. So if you are searching to understand Plato, everything Plato knew or understood, is coming to you in the same moment Plato himself knew it. Perhaps these lessons and information on our other lives, is right there for us, superimposed on another vibration level, that we can tune into without being regressed. those AH-HA moments, how do we know, those are not awakenings to something we know on another level, and we are breaking through to ourselves in that moment of understanding. It brings up the question of being alive, and why we are here. We do know it’s to gather lessons and understandings. But why is it some of us, find deeper meaning then others? Are we to help others find this? When they say, “it’s not his time yet” do they mean perhaps, in this time frame we are aware of is not his time, but on another level of his being, he is still progressing. (the other lives I believe we experience on other levels in that moment).
This blog is a work in progress. I have been slacking with this and wanted to have a train of thought, but I am not closing this blog. I plan to come back and add more as I research this further.