It’s a great mystery;  time. Our minds cannot fathom how the universe measures it. We as sentient beings try to, but it’s still something we see as life in the here and now. Knowing this, makes me wonder if there is such a thing as reincarnation as we read about. Perhaps you have felt drawn to a certain place or time period, and have been told you had a past life there or then. Perhaps. If we cannot prove it, we cannot rule it out either. Could we have lived in the time of the ancient Romans? We could. I have wondered if it can be different for each soul, how we come to exist. It would make sense to think our life themes have a sequence to follow. Somehow. What about people you feel connected to somehow? Like that feeling you’ve known them before. I have thought perhaps we have made a pact before we got here on earth, with others to learn our lessons together. Maybe before your Mother here on earth right now, was once a son to you in another life. You are switching roles so you both can experience each other and see both views. Even down to the people that hurt you and anger you. Before we come here, we might have asked each other to help us to learn a very powerful lesson. We know it will hurt us and we’ve trusted this soul in love to be the one to hurt us in this life, so we can learn to heal. When we meet again, perhaps we will feel nothing but love for them. I also wondered if perhaps we are different manifestations of ourselves on different levels. That perhaps time is where we revisit, not re-entering new bodies so to speak. That perhaps we are experiencing things on different time levels at once. That somewhere right now, you or I are also in the past or future, in the moment, experiencing ourselves on different levels of vibration.
If you are familiar with the Akashic records, it is believed if we visit them, we are one in the moment with any information we are there to obtain. So if you are searching to understand Plato, everything Plato knew or understood, is coming to you in the same moment Plato himself knew it. Perhaps these lessons and information on our other lives, is right there for us, superimposed on another vibration level, that we can tune into without being regressed. those AH-HA moments, how do we know, those are not awakenings to something we know on another level, and we are breaking through to ourselves in that moment of understanding. It brings up the question of being alive, and why we are here. We do know it’s to gather lessons and understandings. But why is it some of us, find deeper meaning then others? Are we to help others find this? When they say, “it’s not his time yet” do they mean perhaps, in this time frame we are aware of is not his time, but on another level of his being, he is still progressing. (the other lives I believe we experience on other levels in that moment).
This blog is a work in progress. I have been slacking with this and wanted to have a train of thought, but I am not closing this blog. I plan to come back and add more as I research this further.

2 thoughts on “Reincarnation?

  1. Reine-please don’t end this blog!!! I have enjoyed it as well as been educated from it. I look forward to more of your thoughts as time goes by.

  2. I agree with you, we can’t rule out the possibility of reincarnation when there is nothing to prove or disprove it. It’s an interesting idea. I’m especially interested in the Renaissance era, and wonder if perhaps I lived through it in my past life?

    I like to think everything good and bad happens for a reason, and that people come and go from our lives as we learn from them and move on.

    I’m glad you’ve decided to continue this blog, Reine.

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