Perception Of A Photon Kiss

Who is watching the universe?

To bring us into actuality;

Could it be, for you and me, our perception of reality?

Idealism and Quantum Mechanics;

Photons, Neurons, Nucleus and Atoms;

So romantic, our minds expanding – with deep understanding.

Kama Sutra mathematics.

The world is full of matter, regardless of appearance;

Though it seems pragmatic.

This is how it’s clearest, the subatomic level – is most fundamental,

But without interpretation, it sounds incidental.

Love is experimental, observe it though obscure,

It’s a chemical reaction, to bonding in this world.

Now perception of the universe, in theory will always be diverse;

The relative state, that we observe – rearranges to my mental curves.

So kiss my spine, with lips of fire,

In our desires, we recreate time…



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