The Equation Of Limbo?

Science has said that there are probable outcomes for situations. There is a can of what might be cookies on the counter. We are not sure if there are any left. Science says either there is or there is not cookies. It’s obvious to us that would be the choices. But if you have read about a certain type of theory in physics, you would also understand the “cookies” are in a sort of limbo state. To bring the cookies into reality, we first have to prove the idea wrong (that there might be none) by looking in the tin, that there are in factcookies in there. Otherwise, neither are really right. We must observe the cookies and see them to know they are there. This lead me to wonder of course, if when we manifest something, we are always manifesting both outcomes at once of what we are asking for. Example. We are using positive thought to manifest into out lives a new house. We have made room in our lives for this to pass, written it on paper and made a inspiration board of how we are going to decorate our home. But, like the cookies, it is in limbo. We have put the positive vibe for it, but there must be another probability to this. That in fact, we might not get the house. It’s as simple as the fact, every action gets a equal or opposite reaction. Will thinking negative cause it to sway one way or another? Does pure will and belief sway the cookies or house in any way? This is a big question. I believe it does.

Why does positive belief and unconditional, without a doubt knowing the house is yours bring this to you? Simple. I said it before, every action brings back a equal or opposite reaction. If you deal with the fact you might not get the house and get it out of your mind. You are taking away the other probability that science says we need. If you then focus on the reality for you, that it is yours, you are now taking awaythe limbo and the positive energy you are sending out, can only come back positive. The house is yours. Yes, old hat you might be thinking, we’ve heard this time and again. I am not here to state any sort of mind blowing revelations. I am blogging about what I am pondering. So, try to understand that. Like my blog on past life regression, some believe that there are actually two realities happening at the same time. The house becomes yours, and  other were the house does not. Both are happening in the same moment but both realities never meet. I suppose this is based on the energy expelled from thought. We have both negative and positive thought by design. We can reprogram ourselves to think more positive. Even the earth has both negative and positive energies. Now, the next thought is, can this theory apply to energy being negative?

Example; you want the house. You are having both feelings of positive and negative thoughts on getting it. Is the energy of both thoughts like the cookies? Are they both in limbo until you give one reality by observing it and cancels the other out? If you give positive thought observation and reality, can we then take away negative thought? Not just for one manifestation, but to do it all at once for everything in our lives? Do we need negative thought for some sort of balance? Does negative thought remind us to be grateful of the positive? Without one, can we recognize and understand the other? why do people want to always be positive, when everything in nature around us has both? I don’t know the answers to this, but it’s been on my mind for some time now. Do I think too much? Perhaps, but the mind is a beautiful thing. We hold the key to the universe. Why not unlock the doors…


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