My Solar Love Potion


Solar energy encases my mind,

Billows from the sky,

Floods my eyes,

Suddenly blind.


Pour over my shoulders,

Spill down my back,

Heat and steam fill my breath,

Burning my lips,

Swollen from your kiss.

Stare into the eclipse,

Slip away.


Wandering day,

Blissful sights,


Passing time.


Share this with me,

Change history,

Break your chains,

Taste my rain;

Heal your pain,

Feel no shame,

Lets blend our senses,

We’re so the same.


You could finish my thoughts,

Or write my next line,

Share ideas,

Play like children;

Lose ourselves,

Really feel.


The seed is planted,

Don’t take for granted what is here.

Don’t be shy,

Don’t ask why?

Just come near,

And share your smile.



Copy write 2006

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