Take It; For What It Is

The imperfections of a human nation,
Brought to the surface,
With the modern day segregation.
Hypocrites, lunatics and fascists writing speeches,
Trying to teach us, and force feed us.
What is education, in a angry nation?
Nothing left for imagination or creation.
Take this for what it is.

Point fingers in a house of glass.
See how fast the masses come to the rescue.
Everyone’s got answers, But no one knows what to do.
Talk is cheap, in a world of over indulged haikus.
Everyone’s been abused.
Everyone’s been bruised.
Not a day goes by, that someone does not cry,
I am a victim of the system,
To anyone who will listen,
Take this for what it is.

Pop icons rule the world,
Coffee table reading is in the classrooms.
The internet, is that little pill,
So hard to swallow,
So many follow blindly,
Take this for what it is.

Intellect in retrospect,
Can fall short in the wrong hands,
This does not make the man.
Serial killers can have high IQ’s,
See this everyday in the news,
Take this for what it is.

All we are told, life’s evolution.
We can fill it with fear and disillusion,
You can spend it judging and searching truths.
In the end, you will look in the mirror,
And it will still be you.
Take this for what it is.

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