Creating Our Universe

When we use the term Universe, are we talking about everything in creation? Are we meaning what we perceive around us? Is it a greater being or force of light and love (a godhead)? I think in order to create a life we want to live, we must first define what the universe is to us. Some may feel that is not something we can do. I believe we can. Though, it might be on many levels, it’s still something we need to have a concept of, even just to us, before we can ask it for anything, or send things out into it. Past, present, future; does it matter about those things in the universe? Of course it does. It all ties into the present. The here and now. What we know as our universe and lives from living in our moment, is that we do exist. We also have always existed, because we are thinking of things in the past. Thoughts are things. If you go back to the time of Pharaohs in Egypt, their teachings, does it mean anything to us? If you are studying it, it brings all relevance into there here and now, making it very much a part of YOU. I suppose some might argue that is not the case. But let me ask this, why be a musician, or a writer, or want to be a parent if nothing out of the moment we are born matters?  If we die and our works and children go on, do you want all your loving thoughts and creations to be meaningless? Do you want your works of life to go unseen or cared for? If we say that the Pharaohs are meaningless in our lives, then we are not seeing the bigger picture. There are people all over the world we have never met or will never meet; living, breathing and loving sending vibes and energy all over. We are all connected. To say because we cannot bring them individually into our perceptions and not have them really exist or matter is sounding odd to me. How do we explain the energy? Why send out loving vibes into a universe then, that we cannot perceive on that level and want love back? Back from what might I ask then, if we find everything not in the here and now in our perceived universe as only what we know?

So this comes to where I ask, how do you perceive the universe? Is it all around YOU, is it what holds all creation? Does it contain thought and actions; love and compassion? If Einstein sent out love and thought, it never ends. The energy and knowledge is still floating around the universe until someone perceives it. It affects us because it’s actions and reaction. Sort of like this; if you scream and shout in anger, you are sending out those vibes.  If I read about your anger and shouting, I am not feeling it, but it’s a thought, and thoughts are things and then it becomes a part of me. I have seen YOU in my perception as such. So it turn, it does affect me, through YOU. What I chose to do with it is up to me.

How do we create a universe? I believe it is very important for humanity to keep balance. To live for yourself and your dreams is beautiful, but we are all here together for a reason. The universe did not create us each alone. We came to be through others. WE belong helping each other. What I ask for in the universe, can and will affect all those around me. The universe will seek balance I believe. If I do not give balance, it will make sure I have it. perhaps it will take many lifetimes to have it as such, but then again, time has no bounds.

It’s late and I am getting sleepy. I still have many questions on this. I do know, the mind is a blank canvas, and the universe we paint means life and evolution goes on.

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