Souls In Sync; How Are We Connected?

A few uncanny parallels have once again prompted me to think about this. Last evening a friend had asked me  to help with something, I had been about to do. Not your average thing to ask mind you. So the fact I had been looking into it about 15 min before they asked was cool. We have had a few instances now where we have been writing about the same things at the same time. We are on two opposite sides of the globe on two different time zones; yet we have the same ideas a lot. It makes me wonder if what happens is people become familiar with each other to a extent, and then start to tap into each others vibrations. The other thought it, perhaps we are of the same soul pool before we came to this life we have now. How do we find each other in this life? Do we send off like vibrations or energies and send out into the universe a sort of signal to each other? When we do meet up with like souls, do we increase our vibrations because two of the same energy is now parallel? I believe the old saying, “together we stand, divided we fall.” The amazing light and love like souls meeting can send out and help others with must be powerful. it’s magical as well because we then know we are on our right path to have two lives meet. Could we be filling a pact we made with each others souls before this life, to meet up when we most need it for a sign we are almost where we need to be? I noticed it was as simple as asking the universe to meet other like souls, as I felt like I was yearning to connect with others on that level. there is the theory of the universal mind as well. are there soul pools, or is it the universal mind that Jung claims we all tap into, and perhaps the same energy signals we send out, bounce back from another we are interacting with at that time?  How do we tell soul mates from soul twins? Is there really just one person we love that we connect with on that level of vibration/thinking? What do we do when we meet others who we are in sync with? I believe to brush it off would be very foolish. If you believe in the soul and that we are all here on the journey, then we can use this beautiful meeting of like souls to send out stronger love to the universe and humanity. It is healing I believe to the soul to know it’s not alone on it’s vibration level. Is it possible to advance faster with others together then alone at that point? I believe so. The key is to believe and see what a amazing thing it is, to find others who you do not have to explain yourself to. Somehow, like souls just understand each other. It’s also letting us know, that indeed the mind does not control everything, but the heart and soul. The mind just makes sense of what the soul already knows. 

What is a vibration? It’s the level of energy and love we have inside our souls and how aware we are of ‘being’. Imagine life having different levels superimposed ontop of each other. Some of us are on a higer vibration because of more life experience we LEARNED from. Not that our lives have been more difficult or easy. It goes by how and why we learned and grew. Some perhaps are stuck in the same mistakes over and over; it can make the vibrations lower, and the level of ‘being’ a bit lower. None are bad to be, just at different rates of learning. It can take a soul lifetimes to get to a point. But time does not matter. Some souls are on their last life, and vibrate at a very strong and high love/rate/light/energy. these souls are the sages and masters of many lives. They are here to help those of us still with lives to go and lessons to learn yet, to find our way. These sages are peaceful and have no egos holding them to life, but have come to understand their true callings and path. There are some souls who have repeated their life lessons at many angles because they just could not get it, or refused to believe. These souls are a very deep vibration and the energy they give off is dim. They are depressed all the time and are lost. Those with a stronger energy can “send energy” their way with love and compassion and help them find their way on track {along with their guides}. The more love you give and the more open you are to connecting with others, the greater your light and energy shines. But I am getting off track.

My point is, that like souls are like love and light. They have found each other because their journies are about to come to something important perhaps and they need more love and light to make it so? I am going to intuition on this bit, and hope others who had this happen would be cool enough to share with me and perhaps understand this more.

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