Ice (woman of vengeance)

So cold woman, your eyes like ice,
Your tongue, lashes like fire,
Hands like barbed wire,
Cut to the chase.
Vengeance for power,
You seep, in such morbid hours,
Was I your spy?
Tricked into information,
Changed my identification.
Was I your, claim to fame?
What a treacherous game you play.
Such a temptress lady,
A un-even exchange,
You run for cover,
But I still taste your name.

Rolls off my mind like glass,
Shattered from your past,
You’re the mistress of my barren soul,
All your anger, takes its toll.

So distraught angel,
Your heart is stone,
Heavy to carry,
Harder to hold.

Bare your teeth, scrape my back,
In any moment, you attack.
Words, your weapons,
Silence your shield,
Hope someday, you find your ideal.

Look at me rebel,
I am whats real,
But you’ll never know,
Cause you can’t feel.
Lonely woman, eyes of ice,
Seen your life of sacrifice.
Torn and bitter, to the end,
Drink down your sorrows,
Now I’m a free man.



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