Blue Butterfly


Stale air, hangs around as haze.

Fallen into a daze, moist lips.

She traces her life in a phrase.

Blue lights bring hue to her eyes,

They glisten with nocturnal surprise.

Caught between ancient philosophy,

Modern stability, There is no simplicity

She ran out of time.

Streets clamor, surround and surrender.

Will this life defend her honor?

Dreams spoke to her, nurtured the past to present tense.

What was left, that has not been said?

Blue beauty, Don’t you see?

The rain is not your enemy.

Let it pour, let it sting,

This is how you break the ring.

Paint your wisdom, with ruby lips.

Close your eyes and let it slip away.

The night can’t hide you anymore,

In the day, you’re on your own.

Don’t run, make your home.

You must know that you belong.

Just a thought, became a truth.

Know this was because of you.

Blue butterfly, spread your wings,

Woman you are everything.

Beautiful and blue.


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