Children Of The Sun

Children of the sun,
Bask in her energy,
Heal in the waves of warmth,
Let the mind be free.

We are one, under the sun,
Painting the earth, from a solar rebirth.
Tuned to the sky, her heat will rise,
Like the hands of time, we cannot wait.

Love is blind, love is real,
Under the sun, this is how I feel.
Touch my mind, melt my fears,
In the light, you kiss my tears.

Here we soar, here we feed.
Two souls become, what we believe,
Sacred beauty, whisper your truths,
As the planets align, our light is blue.

Magical, mystical, fire in the sky,
Burn my eyes, if I seem blind.
I kneel in your wisdom, I thrive in your rays,
Like a prisim, we reflect the day,
This is how I learned to pray,
Absorbing what you are…


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