Gravity (The Harmonics Of Love)

We are sentient beings, the gravity of survival  keeps our polarity

Our souls magnetic harmony is love,  it’s bigger then we can believe

The golden numbers of perfection, the spiral of creation

Bathes us like the wind, take it all in

Let your vision soar, let your mind explore and pulse with energy

Sensual creature, touch the earth, pour from the heavens, bring us new birth

Hands of fire, hands of faith, still my center, as I create.

Ancient cities under the sun, we are one, from land to sea

No man can measure infinity.

We are here to learn, though karma can burn, we must see

What comes to the surface, is meant to cure us,

This is the purpose of humanity

Once awakened, never forsaken your beauty.

Silver light and indigo dreams, chakras and mantras clear negativity

Do not live in fear, for every tear, we will find our innocence

Our entrye to eternity

Convergence Of Sacred Spheres (Thank you)

In the stillness of this moment,  just before breath becomes energy;

You infuse me.

From earth to sky, your sphere of light fills my eyes.

Like the sacred spiral of perfection, the music of your creation is electric.

Convergence of soul and eternity, dreams and reality, this is what you mean to me.

Miles from my shore, the ocean keeps no secrets as it carries the connections of peace.

Deep in my sleep,  the spheres surround me, their vibrations feed me.

Like a waterfall of understanding,  this blends inside,

Their colors of wisdom rise, connections increase.

Thank you for this beauty, for listening and whispering truth.

For the element of you, the messages came through; now I am free.



The Eyes Of The Deep

Here I lay,  bowing down to the earth.

It cannot hurt more then this, my soul whispers to divine bliss.

In this suffering, I know you love me. In this deep fear, I know you have given me grace.

Life stains my face, as I thought you had left me to fail my own will.

It hurts to breathe, it hurts to be.  I ask you how do I redeem? How do I find solace and peace?

How can I earn my experience;

to lift my existence free?

Blinded by the promise of ages, outlined by the scrolls of sages, time does not turn the pages.

Truth does not scream. It is known, but never seen.

Burned into skin of virtue, I call to you. Can you sense me dream?

Pour your lives over me.

Here I lay, bowing to the earth, since the time of birth, all has been chosen.

The pain had blocked the knowledge; blinded by thy self, held in captive by resolve.

The years took shape, the numbers became the map of fate.

Music was the burning flame.

All along above my head, was the light of promise I began to sense.

Unity and illumintation, for I am creation, for I am the key.

I unlocked the perceptions, I aligned with the shamans and lost all conceptions of me.

Now I believe. This is our journey. This is the life, that has caught up with me.

Humbled, I bow to thee. This is the debt I will clear in your mercy.

There is beauty in the perfection of awakening.