Use Your Gift Wise

Gift, talent, expression. No matter how you say it, it all stems from creation. A  emotion and thought merging and compelling one to create something from it to share with others. To try to define where it comes from has been in theory from many over the years. Can we define such a thing? What is ones motivation behind it can change through the course of creating something. I believe no matter what, the very first instant someone creates anything; the intention is always pure. In that moment a idea forms and a feeling is put into it, the soul is vibrating and shining at such a strong rate. It wants to expand and send that to other souls to experience. It is the natural flow with everything. Think of life in it’s self! When a child in born from love, joy spills from the parents and they want to tell everyone. It’s the first breath of life that infuses the moment. Creation at it’s true purpose; to make life thrive. Birth shares that with everyone on earth, even if you are not aware of that child born. It’s a ray of light that raises the earth a little bit higher in that exact moment. All is as it should be. Perfection in the moment, of conception and birth.

Some might say what if the child was conceived not out of love? What if the child is not wanted? That does not take away the creation of life and what it really is. This is something that remains with us from the universe when we use our “gifts”.

Strange you might say, that I am comparing life and birth to creating music or a painting, a poem or sculpture. But it is not the form of creation, but the fact that the moments are the same in the Universe. The Universe does not define creation from action, but energy and vibrations.

Is it possible one at the very moment of writing and singing a song, could be as elated as a child born? YES! Love and passions know no bounds.

Try to step outside time and the one dimensional perception of how that sounds and see, that we are ALL creations of the universe, we are all in motion from the universe. Simple physics tells us once in motion, something tends to stay in motion, unless stopped by force. As is with creation. It is a natural flow for us, yet so many never tap into this or use it for such selfish reasons. This is what I want to blog about.

What is the reason our souls resonate from music, art, dance? I believe it is one of the sacred times (not in a religious way) that our souls are pure and can reach ourselves on many levels of being. When a artist puts the paintbrush into a color, when his minds eye has a vision on the canvas, he is in another form of reality. His soul is showing him what can be, from mere thought and feeling. So the artist take color and forms shapes and with each stroke there is passions and deep feelings moving with him and through him, right onto the canvas. The soul shines like  nothing else, it is peaceful even if restless with creation!

This is not only art, but the beauty of manifestation. This is how we shape our true lives. I wish more could understand this.

Once you open the channels to creativity within you, it will never go away. Perhaps one puts it on hold because they feel they have no time for it, but it is burned into the soul. If you do not use this, you are only dampening the beauty of your being here and your soul. Work and bills are not life, it’s what takes over emotional beings. It is what people put emotions into, yet the rewards of this is transient and mostly stressful. Strange we are so much more, but we feel focusing on money and material things is a measure of life. If many only knew… Ah but I regress.

I have come to meet a few very creative souls who have reminded me what a gift it is to recognize your soul and what we are here for and they put this understanding into their creativity.

Nothing could be more beautiful and powerful then sharing your insight through music, or words, art or dance. It reaches others on many levels as I said, and it opens the soul to things that it is not always directly aware of.

I’d like to take some time to talk about a 2 musicians who have brought all of this to the surface for me and made me really see truth in what music should be. Yes, we need to dance and we need to enjoy ourselves. Not always must the messages be intense, but the intentions should always be. If you only make music for money, and fame you are sadly missing out on the resonating and shine you can create around you and bring out from others. It’s a lesson I feel, too many will not learn in this lifetime. So deeply sad I feel for them.

So that being said, on to my inspirations!

I first have to say, I cannot tell you how deeply both of the amazingly gifted musicians have brought out such truth and understanding for me. It’s been such a  surreal few months of my life. I have found both of these men to have this magical and awe-inspiring soul and insight that they entwine through their music. Not only do they both have the ability to play instruments and create sound that is pure indigo light for the soul, but they both infuse the music with such profound wisdom that they shine like the sun to me.

First, I would like to thank deeply Enigma; for Michael Cretu has called from the eyes of truth, to create music that is not only sacred to me, but pulls this beauty from my soul when I listen. A true gift used wise, is one that brings what the creator is resonating with, from the listener. Enigma does this in everything he/they do. His multi layered sounds and voice is compelling. The words are like a scroll of the sages, you cannot listen to this music and not feel your senses awaken and your being resonate. He understands why we are here and has used his creativity to help others on their journey to awaken. A true master of his craft, I have been inspired to search out my truth and write from listening to Enigma. There is so much I would like to find words to say about it, but to go listen is the only real way to understand what I mean.


The second man who has opened not only my mind but my heart and soul, is Sean T Wright. I found Sean through the amazingly insightful soul Mark Ty Wharton. Mark asked Sean to do a blog in a blog guest week a bit back. I had not at this time heard any of Sean’s music. I read his blog he write for Mark’s guest week and was moved deeply. This man, has the kiss of beauty and expansion of the soul that many will not experience in this lifetime. He has had a NDE (near death experience) and he shines like no one I have ever met. Now I have not meant Sean in person, but through his music I have  felt this light and vibration that is beyond simple words. After reading his blog I went right to his site and listened to his work. It gets more incredible! This man has hundreds of songs recorded. I was dumbfounded.  Hundreds of songs I thought, but are they good? I was humbled beyond expression. Sean’s creative abilities are far beyond simple perception. Sean not only understands what music is, but he IS music. He has not just understanding, but experience on why we are here and what we truly can be. He has the most beautiful open heart and it flows through his songs and lyrics without bounds. Sean uses the guitar like a extension of his being. The chords he creates and sings around are always intense to hear. The other incredible thing is, he writes all the music, lyrics and plays all the instruments AND records himself! He understands the process of creativity in every step he takes to share his music. He gives it away, for download. The intent is pure, we do not find many such as this in our lifetimes. I am grateful I have. Sean has a unique style that is so eclectic. Another amazing trait that we can all learn from. He has guitar driven music and acoustic music, he has a whole cd you can meditate to and electric pop that makes you want to dance. The thing that makes Sean so beautiful is, no matter what he is creating with his sound, his words have purpose and truth. It has brought me to feel pure energy to my heart opening and feeling nothing but compassion and love. This is what using your gift wise is all about.

Again, I could go on and on about this man, but I rather at this time share his website and you can experience this creative soul for yourself.

I have had the deep honor of Sean using a few of my poems to his music, and he was the very first person to ever show me and believe in my words enough to do something like this with music. I cannot be more humbled or grateful for his kindness.

Thank you if you have taken time to read this very long blog today. I know you will enjoy the music and be as inspired as I have!

Create, explore, share your soul and let it shine with all you do xoxoxo Much love and light!


I’m the seeping thought, in the back of your mind.
The simple idea, you always passed by.
I am the seed, you refused to grow;
This is the smile, you never got to know.
I am the whisper, that wished you well;
Hidden in the corner, which you never found.
I am the light that shined on your soul;
But you closed your eyes and let me go.
I am the innocence;
I am the pure;
I am the silence that helped you endure.
I am the promise, you asked me to keep;
I am the tears, you cried in your sleep.
Why can’t you see me?
Through all of your fears,
I am the one, who loved you for years.

Open you mind;
Open your eyes;
Before this chance you have here dies.
Look at me here, my heart is open;
Nothing to hide, this sentiments spoken.
Tell me softly, what will you lose?
Take this risk, take my hand;
I will help you understand.
Reach for me, I won’t fade,
Let me help you pave the way.

Talk to me, laugh and you’re free,
Just simply be;
But you must believe…

The 7 Stages Of Deception

You can keep your secret signs, you can keep your blessed wine;

You can keep your holy lair, cause you won’t find me kneeling there.

You can keep your timless vows, your penitence and holy ground;

Call me a sinner when no ones around; I’m in no despair.

You can tell me all I’ll miss, because nature is  my bliss.

Say my cross is heavy to bare, that I’ll rot in hell for not speaking your prayer.

But now I’m aware, of deception there.

Drink from your goblets of rubies and gold, while the hungry are watching in the dark and the cold.

But what do they know?

Where are your humble? Where are your meek? I’ve read the pages in the book you speak.

Stand in your robes of trinity lost, passing the basket, cause the sermon will cost you.

I read between the lines, I’ve opened my eyes.

Creation is unfolding inside my mind. I hear her call, I am filled with her peace.

No steeple of stone will bring me home. I’ve been to that side, it’s stages of time.

It’s all in rewind, then halos of light, vibrations of white and luminous blue.

There is no devil coming for you.

That’s all control, fear of unknown.

All at once, you are everything, a timeless being, a center a median. You expand and contract, the it pulls you back;

To a point of stillness. You hear your purpose, you see your entrance.

But the vortex is strong and you can hear their song, you want to stay, but you breathe again.

Was this heaven? Was this in between?

How come the church won’t answer me?

My God does not scream in agony, he is in me. He is not weeping.

While you are still sleeping, I found my way.


My Learning Journey

Most of the time, life is amazing and filled with wonder and joy. Twists and turns can be unexpected and intense but exciting and I am grateful for my life.

Why am I here I ask myself? It’s “THE” question. If you come to this earth, you ask yourself this. I have talked about this in another blog a bit and have done some expanding inside since and wanted to go back to this topic. Though I must admit, thinking too much is the worst trap a soul can get into; we need to LIVE to truly be living our meaning here. We can read, watch films, listen to music, go to seminars and so on – does not equal experience.

I have been devoting both living and exploring my soul now for some time to knowing what I need to get from this life and heal so I can be more complete, maybe chose another way of existence next time.  I have come to understand that all the advice and “mentoring” people try to help you with cannot help you know what your meaning is here.  I have had some mind blowing beautiful souls help me with so much on my journey so far; for that I am deeply grateful. That is part of why we are hear, to help each other along this journey.

A theme in my life that keeps coming up is love and finding my “soul-mate” . I have come to grow tired though of the many people who keep trying to change my view on this. To them I say, NAY! I will not, so give up. I do not think; I KNOW this is a huge part of why I am here.

I have come to that time in the eons, that I am aware now, I have peace in my soul and all the love around me from friends and family and for myself and my God that is is nothing but radiating. I am love and give love, without bounds. I have forgiven those who have hurt me and open my heart to anyone who needs love. even if it is never returned in any way. I know all of us here on this earth have a choice to love like that, but some are not there yet. It takes time, lifetimes, but they will be eventually.

I also am aware that many feel finding a soul-mate is not a purpose, but again I say yes it is. It’s part of a evolution of our higher selves. If you believe reincarnation you understand that there comes a point when you do live your last life here. Your soul has taken many lifetimes and become more whole in learning from many many trials. I believe you just know when you have got to the point where what ever you are still learning in this life, is progress in action and your true theme pours through. For me, it is true love. My other half.

When you get to the point in this life, when you are happy and want to share that, when you know that value such love and know that that type of love can make both souls shine stronger and can touch even more lives together; then you understand. It’s not finding that love for selfish reasons, but because you know that within that love, much more love will pour through everything you continue to do in this lifetime and all the other lives you explore.

I have been thinking, perhaps though, in this lifetime, what if I have met my soul-mate, but because we are on journeys and are entwined in other lives, we cannot be together. What if my lesson is to learn letting go of my soul-mate, because they are not here to find me in this life, but grow from other things and have their earthly love that is here to help them grow. I do believe that we have those in our lives that we love and marry and have children with and so on, but they are not the true soul-mate.  How so? We all have themes we are to learn from and heal in some way and we make that pact with others before we get here to help each other learn these lessons. So perhaps a only a certain type of soul can help in this journey by being mated with them in this lifetime. Soul-mates that are true in the hereafter are not formed with jealousy and understand this. We know that we will be together again at some point, but maybe not this certain life.

This is part of the universal connection to everything. There is really no separating, that is a illusion. But to a extent many need that illusion in place till they learn other things first and can understand without wrecking their minds how it works. But I regress…

I believe you know when you’ve met your true soul-mate. You start to remember lifetimes you had been together and you feel that same vibration and space of time together. It’s enough to take your breath away. at the same time, it’s humbling to know in that moment, that everything you come to understand is truth. It’s a strong surge of wholeness inside. It makes you want to strive on and even tunes you a bit higher I have sensed. Creativity pours like a stream much stronger and you have the tranquility of the ocean. Just to know they are in this big world, maybe not along side you, but making their journey and soul heal as you are and that maybe if God permits, at some point you will be close again and smile into each others souls.  With that I am deeply humbled.

Woman (we are one)

Shaman woman,
Healer of the tribe.
Mother of light,
So wise are her eyes.
They took her land
Barren stands her soul,
This is where she belongs.
I am only one,
But I will stand with you.

Somalian angel,
Ebony grace,
Face held to the sky,
God glistens in her eyes.
These tears run,
Deeper then any rivers flow.
Her child starves,
She screams for hope.
Still is her soul.
This is not freedom.
I am only one,
But I will stand with you.

Woman of the desert,
Sheath of black,
Beaten and tortured,
Eyes closed, she is silent.
Wounds of crimson,
Scars on her back.
Found guilty of pleasure,
A love forbid,
She weeps on the inside,
Left for dead.
I am only one,
But I will stand with you.

Ancient Philippino Butterfly,
Spread your wings,
Your land is your world,
Bore your crops.
Hours are years for you.
Basket filled with rice,
Sun blinding your eyes.
Nature gives you no mercy,
Sent the land rolling down,
Took your breath,
Your family
Your home.
Your cries we cannot hear,
Still our world lives on…
I am only one,
But I will stand for you.

Woman, you suffer so pure
Your soul shines on this earth.
What you endure,
Would break some.
Miles of life on your feet,
You walk, we run.
I lift my heart to you,
While yours bleeds.
I am only one,
But because of your courage,
Women can learn,
To stand together.


Starving Artist

Here I sit,
On a park bench.
In the city of circumstance,
Feeding pigeons of poverty,
Dreaming, of a soft cover harlequin romance.
Watching the passers by,
Making up stories for their lives.
I laugh to myself,
As I wonder, how I seem to someone else.
A month ago today,
I took a train to a better life,
And I worked to survive.
Music, taking a space on the back shelf of my mind.
Scraps of paper fill my pockets,
Ideas in rhyme.
They’re scattered, but they’re mine.
I look at some faces here,
And you can see the years,
What did they leave behind,
To feast in the city of lights?
Their eyes say they tried,
A cup of coffee, tells a story here.
It’s a night out.
It feeds my imagination.
Here on my park bench,
I can still smile,
Because the vibes are strong yet,
And I’ve just arrived.

Where Latitude Meets The Soul

Just before night cascades beyond the branches, before lucid thoughts give to nocturnal slip;

Into the state of emergence,  all the ties that bound us drift.

Beyond what is reason lies Ascension, I find your light in another dimension

Is this existence between space? We move from within, but expand like air.

Are you really there?

Andromeda, Lemuria, the orbs of infinity… Embrace me.

Thou shall not weep, soft drifting soul; ’tis night that guides you on this plane.

Release the flame, and say my name;  memories will flood the surface

It will not hurt us, your karma is healing.

Love is solar, in magenta skies, we travel through time, where  horizon meets the mind.

I pull you close, till  latitude meets our souls, from here, we expand the galaxy.

Wake now to the rays of life whispering, let the new dawn begin…



Bleecker st Saint

Wasted and drawn in sallow skin,
Was a man of greatness,
Who stood in the rain.
Passing him by, were the upright and bold,
Had they stopped to listen,
They would have known.
He stood for a cause,
Free advice to the meek.
Still people ignored him,
Called him crazy and freak.
Some tossed change,
In pity and shame.
Though the man never begged,
He shouted about war,
And the president.
He stood for reason,
In his own mind.
No one really knew,
About this man’s life.
He could have once been,
A man of worldly stature!
A leader! A team player!
Your lawyer, or neighbor.
Anyone really,
Cause aren’t we all really strangers?
Maybe we are the insane,
Out in the rain,
Just passing by,
What might be,
A Bleecker St Saint.


Monochromatic lust
Tracing syllables
With your tongue to your lips
Let your mind slip
Your picture mind haze
Fed with phrase
Say nothing
Just wonder
Monotonous hours
Idle hands
Seek refuge
Eyes shut
Thoughts thrust
Hidden skeptic
Fingers tremble
Quench your thirst
For answers

Rest Assured

Do not wait to speak,
Silence will never give you mercy.
Nothings what it seems,
Beginnings are never easy.
Rest assured,
One simple word,
Is all you need.
Do not wait to connect,
What slips by,
Can torment your mind,
Leave questions on your lips.
Rest assured,
It’s not absurd,
Go after it.
Days so long and slipping,
Moments lost,
A severe cost,
Never let you live it down.
Never know,
Who wants to live like that?
Do not wait to try,
Own your life,
Nothings going to change.
Rest assured,
No regrets,
You will this time.

Live In The Sun (your perfect truth)

Deep golden warmth, surrounding your dream of life;

The solar star of fire and birth, whispers truth.

Under the guide of light you thrive, but do not live a lie.

For the heavens know, your secrets flow from the waves of energy.

You seek to be free, but can you not see? The illumination of everything you ought to be, is buried deep.

Let the rivers of eternity seep into your being. Why are you so afraid? A thought is all it takes, to make it so.

Years will pass, and the soul holds on to the glow. You’ve always known, but fear had a hold.

Do not waste this life, such a gift of time, each moment you could own.

Travel your path, but love is like sand –  it slips through the hands,

Though it never ends.

Many come to be for us, as we chose before we came, to experience love in many forms,

Never felt in vain.

But created in perfection, ideal in our reflection, is the twin of flames.

The vibrations are the same. The pull is truth, life stands still.

Nature bows and the universe sings, when these human beings meet.

The light of creation begins to pulsate,  the solar warmth then resonates.

In this space, water becomes air, and the galaxy pours down.

This love is the musical axis to the mystery of everything.



For all those who do not believe in love, these words I write are what I believe. So many have this fear, that they settle for less. We are not created to just exist. We have purpose, so does true love. If you spend your gift of life, with guilt and duty to another, or you feel that true love is work, ’tis not so. Love is not work; life and healing your karma is. The greatest work is from within. True love helps you soar, it creates a beautiful light that always opens doors. True love goes beyond give and take. It inspires and makes you fly. Many do not understand, that love is not just something you feel over time, love is how you came here, how you stay here, who you are. Live your perfect truth, and believe, never give up.


What paints the summits of your mind,

when sound is a diversion?
How will you pass the time?
Let your life pour over mine.
What are you searching for,
When you kneel to the sky?
Solitudes wrapped you in whispers.
In your secret scarlet lusting,
divulge so little while you’re slipping,
your serpent lips are trembling,
Stained is the skin,
you wear with envy.
Solitudes burned your door down.
Naked statue, stare and weep,
Eyes of marble, fall asleep,
Waking hours, seeming deep,
Solitude is your mistress.


Words can echo, in a empty heart,
Or trail so softly on a healing soul.
They can paint such vivid portraits,
On strange imaginations,
Or create situations, in variations.
It’s stimulation, in pronunciation.
Words are twisted,
Yet understood.
Words are feelings, turned to sound.
Yet, as strong as words can be,
None are as strong as silence.

Polarity Of Truth

What bitter pill did you swallow?
What makes a heart so hollow?
What did you hope to achieve?
Is this how you want to live?

Not all people are the same.
Direct the words, where the angers to blame.
You’re only destroying yourself,
Loathing will just pin you down.
There will always be fear before trust,
But, to live in your past and disgust,
Is imprisoning your soul.

We were all meant to grow.
Learn from mistakes as a whole.
This is the reality of life,
We hear, not always what we like.
But you have to understand,
And respect every gentile hand,
That reaches out.

Harmony, is what it’s all about.
You can disagree with me,
Yet, exist peacefully in the same space.
Pride, can only save face for awhile.
So open up your mind and smile,
Understand another view,
And remember,
The polarity of truth.

Jewel Mind

We are all born into bondage of the senses
We meditate, to release our essence
Imagination gets us high
A solitary breath, keeps us grounded
Reach for the infinite
Let the world surround us

In the core, we are one
Peaceful and humble
Eyes like azure, porcelain skies
Your jewel mind, serene
Your smile is the color of glass
Clear as it shines
Crystallize these images
And break the ties
Free your senses
Let love be blind