Words can echo, in a empty heart,
Or trail so softly on a healing soul.
They can paint such vivid portraits,
On strange imaginations,
Or create situations, in variations.
It’s stimulation, in pronunciation.
Words are twisted,
Yet understood.
Words are feelings, turned to sound.
Yet, as strong as words can be,
None are as strong as silence.

4 thoughts on “Words

  1. But words are NOT the thing they describe or attempt to communicate. What I am saying is that there is a far GREATER communication than words. I am not belittling words, but because of them, we (mankind) have SO many misunderstandings. At best, folk my get instructions wrong, or at worst go to war over the words used. But again – the word is NOT the thing. The thing is something else completely, unnamable, undescribable, beyond words.

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