Where Latitude Meets The Soul

Just before night cascades beyond the branches, before lucid thoughts give to nocturnal slip;

Into the state of emergence,  all the ties that bound us drift.

Beyond what is reason lies Ascension, I find your light in another dimension

Is this existence between space? We move from within, but expand like air.

Are you really there?

Andromeda, Lemuria, the orbs of infinity… Embrace me.

Thou shall not weep, soft drifting soul; ’tis night that guides you on this plane.

Release the flame, and say my name;  memories will flood the surface

It will not hurt us, your karma is healing.

Love is solar, in magenta skies, we travel through time, where  horizon meets the mind.

I pull you close, till  latitude meets our souls, from here, we expand the galaxy.

Wake now to the rays of life whispering, let the new dawn begin…



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