Woman (we are one)

Shaman woman,
Healer of the tribe.
Mother of light,
So wise are her eyes.
They took her land
Barren stands her soul,
This is where she belongs.
I am only one,
But I will stand with you.

Somalian angel,
Ebony grace,
Face held to the sky,
God glistens in her eyes.
These tears run,
Deeper then any rivers flow.
Her child starves,
She screams for hope.
Still is her soul.
This is not freedom.
I am only one,
But I will stand with you.

Woman of the desert,
Sheath of black,
Beaten and tortured,
Eyes closed, she is silent.
Wounds of crimson,
Scars on her back.
Found guilty of pleasure,
A love forbid,
She weeps on the inside,
Left for dead.
I am only one,
But I will stand with you.

Ancient Philippino Butterfly,
Spread your wings,
Your land is your world,
Bore your crops.
Hours are years for you.
Basket filled with rice,
Sun blinding your eyes.
Nature gives you no mercy,
Sent the land rolling down,
Took your breath,
Your family
Your home.
Your cries we cannot hear,
Still our world lives on…
I am only one,
But I will stand for you.

Woman, you suffer so pure
Your soul shines on this earth.
What you endure,
Would break some.
Miles of life on your feet,
You walk, we run.
I lift my heart to you,
While yours bleeds.
I am only one,
But because of your courage,
Women can learn,
To stand together.



3 thoughts on “Woman (we are one)

  1. Until about 2000 BC most ancient civilizations were matriarchal and peaceful in nature. It was only when men took over that war and injustice came about… This poem just reminded me of that..

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