My Learning Journey

Most of the time, life is amazing and filled with wonder and joy. Twists and turns can be unexpected and intense but exciting and I am grateful for my life.

Why am I here I ask myself? It’s “THE” question. If you come to this earth, you ask yourself this. I have talked about this in another blog a bit and have done some expanding inside since and wanted to go back to this topic. Though I must admit, thinking too much is the worst trap a soul can get into; we need to LIVE to truly be living our meaning here. We can read, watch films, listen to music, go to seminars and so on – does not equal experience.

I have been devoting both living and exploring my soul now for some time to knowing what I need to get from this life and heal so I can be more complete, maybe chose another way of existence next time.  I have come to understand that all the advice and “mentoring” people try to help you with cannot help you know what your meaning is here.  I have had some mind blowing beautiful souls help me with so much on my journey so far; for that I am deeply grateful. That is part of why we are hear, to help each other along this journey.

A theme in my life that keeps coming up is love and finding my “soul-mate” . I have come to grow tired though of the many people who keep trying to change my view on this. To them I say, NAY! I will not, so give up. I do not think; I KNOW this is a huge part of why I am here.

I have come to that time in the eons, that I am aware now, I have peace in my soul and all the love around me from friends and family and for myself and my God that is is nothing but radiating. I am love and give love, without bounds. I have forgiven those who have hurt me and open my heart to anyone who needs love. even if it is never returned in any way. I know all of us here on this earth have a choice to love like that, but some are not there yet. It takes time, lifetimes, but they will be eventually.

I also am aware that many feel finding a soul-mate is not a purpose, but again I say yes it is. It’s part of a evolution of our higher selves. If you believe reincarnation you understand that there comes a point when you do live your last life here. Your soul has taken many lifetimes and become more whole in learning from many many trials. I believe you just know when you have got to the point where what ever you are still learning in this life, is progress in action and your true theme pours through. For me, it is true love. My other half.

When you get to the point in this life, when you are happy and want to share that, when you know that value such love and know that that type of love can make both souls shine stronger and can touch even more lives together; then you understand. It’s not finding that love for selfish reasons, but because you know that within that love, much more love will pour through everything you continue to do in this lifetime and all the other lives you explore.

I have been thinking, perhaps though, in this lifetime, what if I have met my soul-mate, but because we are on journeys and are entwined in other lives, we cannot be together. What if my lesson is to learn letting go of my soul-mate, because they are not here to find me in this life, but grow from other things and have their earthly love that is here to help them grow. I do believe that we have those in our lives that we love and marry and have children with and so on, but they are not the true soul-mate.  How so? We all have themes we are to learn from and heal in some way and we make that pact with others before we get here to help each other learn these lessons. So perhaps a only a certain type of soul can help in this journey by being mated with them in this lifetime. Soul-mates that are true in the hereafter are not formed with jealousy and understand this. We know that we will be together again at some point, but maybe not this certain life.

This is part of the universal connection to everything. There is really no separating, that is a illusion. But to a extent many need that illusion in place till they learn other things first and can understand without wrecking their minds how it works. But I regress…

I believe you know when you’ve met your true soul-mate. You start to remember lifetimes you had been together and you feel that same vibration and space of time together. It’s enough to take your breath away. at the same time, it’s humbling to know in that moment, that everything you come to understand is truth. It’s a strong surge of wholeness inside. It makes you want to strive on and even tunes you a bit higher I have sensed. Creativity pours like a stream much stronger and you have the tranquility of the ocean. Just to know they are in this big world, maybe not along side you, but making their journey and soul heal as you are and that maybe if God permits, at some point you will be close again and smile into each others souls.  With that I am deeply humbled.


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