Use Your Gift Wise

Gift, talent, expression. No matter how you say it, it all stems from creation. A  emotion and thought merging and compelling one to create something from it to share with others. To try to define where it comes from has been in theory from many over the years. Can we define such a thing? What is ones motivation behind it can change through the course of creating something. I believe no matter what, the very first instant someone creates anything; the intention is always pure. In that moment a idea forms and a feeling is put into it, the soul is vibrating and shining at such a strong rate. It wants to expand and send that to other souls to experience. It is the natural flow with everything. Think of life in it’s self! When a child in born from love, joy spills from the parents and they want to tell everyone. It’s the first breath of life that infuses the moment. Creation at it’s true purpose; to make life thrive. Birth shares that with everyone on earth, even if you are not aware of that child born. It’s a ray of light that raises the earth a little bit higher in that exact moment. All is as it should be. Perfection in the moment, of conception and birth.

Some might say what if the child was conceived not out of love? What if the child is not wanted? That does not take away the creation of life and what it really is. This is something that remains with us from the universe when we use our “gifts”.

Strange you might say, that I am comparing life and birth to creating music or a painting, a poem or sculpture. But it is not the form of creation, but the fact that the moments are the same in the Universe. The Universe does not define creation from action, but energy and vibrations.

Is it possible one at the very moment of writing and singing a song, could be as elated as a child born? YES! Love and passions know no bounds.

Try to step outside time and the one dimensional perception of how that sounds and see, that we are ALL creations of the universe, we are all in motion from the universe. Simple physics tells us once in motion, something tends to stay in motion, unless stopped by force. As is with creation. It is a natural flow for us, yet so many never tap into this or use it for such selfish reasons. This is what I want to blog about.

What is the reason our souls resonate from music, art, dance? I believe it is one of the sacred times (not in a religious way) that our souls are pure and can reach ourselves on many levels of being. When a artist puts the paintbrush into a color, when his minds eye has a vision on the canvas, he is in another form of reality. His soul is showing him what can be, from mere thought and feeling. So the artist take color and forms shapes and with each stroke there is passions and deep feelings moving with him and through him, right onto the canvas. The soul shines like  nothing else, it is peaceful even if restless with creation!

This is not only art, but the beauty of manifestation. This is how we shape our true lives. I wish more could understand this.

Once you open the channels to creativity within you, it will never go away. Perhaps one puts it on hold because they feel they have no time for it, but it is burned into the soul. If you do not use this, you are only dampening the beauty of your being here and your soul. Work and bills are not life, it’s what takes over emotional beings. It is what people put emotions into, yet the rewards of this is transient and mostly stressful. Strange we are so much more, but we feel focusing on money and material things is a measure of life. If many only knew… Ah but I regress.

I have come to meet a few very creative souls who have reminded me what a gift it is to recognize your soul and what we are here for and they put this understanding into their creativity.

Nothing could be more beautiful and powerful then sharing your insight through music, or words, art or dance. It reaches others on many levels as I said, and it opens the soul to things that it is not always directly aware of.

I’d like to take some time to talk about a 2 musicians who have brought all of this to the surface for me and made me really see truth in what music should be. Yes, we need to dance and we need to enjoy ourselves. Not always must the messages be intense, but the intentions should always be. If you only make music for money, and fame you are sadly missing out on the resonating and shine you can create around you and bring out from others. It’s a lesson I feel, too many will not learn in this lifetime. So deeply sad I feel for them.

So that being said, on to my inspirations!

I first have to say, I cannot tell you how deeply both of the amazingly gifted musicians have brought out such truth and understanding for me. It’s been such a  surreal few months of my life. I have found both of these men to have this magical and awe-inspiring soul and insight that they entwine through their music. Not only do they both have the ability to play instruments and create sound that is pure indigo light for the soul, but they both infuse the music with such profound wisdom that they shine like the sun to me.

First, I would like to thank deeply Enigma; for Michael Cretu has called from the eyes of truth, to create music that is not only sacred to me, but pulls this beauty from my soul when I listen. A true gift used wise, is one that brings what the creator is resonating with, from the listener. Enigma does this in everything he/they do. His multi layered sounds and voice is compelling. The words are like a scroll of the sages, you cannot listen to this music and not feel your senses awaken and your being resonate. He understands why we are here and has used his creativity to help others on their journey to awaken. A true master of his craft, I have been inspired to search out my truth and write from listening to Enigma. There is so much I would like to find words to say about it, but to go listen is the only real way to understand what I mean.


The second man who has opened not only my mind but my heart and soul, is Sean T Wright. I found Sean through the amazingly insightful soul Mark Ty Wharton. Mark asked Sean to do a blog in a blog guest week a bit back. I had not at this time heard any of Sean’s music. I read his blog he write for Mark’s guest week and was moved deeply. This man, has the kiss of beauty and expansion of the soul that many will not experience in this lifetime. He has had a NDE (near death experience) and he shines like no one I have ever met. Now I have not meant Sean in person, but through his music I have  felt this light and vibration that is beyond simple words. After reading his blog I went right to his site and listened to his work. It gets more incredible! This man has hundreds of songs recorded. I was dumbfounded.  Hundreds of songs I thought, but are they good? I was humbled beyond expression. Sean’s creative abilities are far beyond simple perception. Sean not only understands what music is, but he IS music. He has not just understanding, but experience on why we are here and what we truly can be. He has the most beautiful open heart and it flows through his songs and lyrics without bounds. Sean uses the guitar like a extension of his being. The chords he creates and sings around are always intense to hear. The other incredible thing is, he writes all the music, lyrics and plays all the instruments AND records himself! He understands the process of creativity in every step he takes to share his music. He gives it away, for download. The intent is pure, we do not find many such as this in our lifetimes. I am grateful I have. Sean has a unique style that is so eclectic. Another amazing trait that we can all learn from. He has guitar driven music and acoustic music, he has a whole cd you can meditate to and electric pop that makes you want to dance. The thing that makes Sean so beautiful is, no matter what he is creating with his sound, his words have purpose and truth. It has brought me to feel pure energy to my heart opening and feeling nothing but compassion and love. This is what using your gift wise is all about.

Again, I could go on and on about this man, but I rather at this time share his website and you can experience this creative soul for yourself.

I have had the deep honor of Sean using a few of my poems to his music, and he was the very first person to ever show me and believe in my words enough to do something like this with music. I cannot be more humbled or grateful for his kindness.

Thank you if you have taken time to read this very long blog today. I know you will enjoy the music and be as inspired as I have!

Create, explore, share your soul and let it shine with all you do xoxoxo Much love and light!

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