She Went Away

The moment began, with what she already knew.

Why must her heart lead her this way? Does it have no mercy?

Why does she always believe? Illusions surround her for eternity.

Beautiful heart, but foolish mind, eyes that lead her have fallen blind.

Calling from the sea, is a thousand years. Give me your tears fallen woman.

Hush; lay down your soul, the waves will hold you close.

Kneeling at the shore, just once more, she sends her light.

Father of time, Mother of earth, she begs for understanding.

She begs for forgiveness for anything she’s done.

No self pity, no fear, just love.

Pouring from the sun, comes the healing one.

He whispers in his vibration, “I am all around you child, I am everything. I am here and now; I am nothing. I expand the worlds, I am creation, I am the light that pours through. I am one with you. One day you will return to the purity of being.”

She falls to pieces.

Her heart knows this pain and sorrow is the healing. Let go of all wants and expectations; for she must be free.

She will go into solitude and silence, for words no longer find their way. She will raise her babies; in joy and peace.

She will ask for no more, she will stay humble and honest. She is grateful for all that is.

The light fills her eyes, she is not to see the world the same; she lets the energy guide her.

A vessel, a student, a promise she will now keep.

Though she weeps, she is not asleep nor lost anymore.

She walked into the tide, and went away.

Song Of The Forest

Eons beckon us to listen; Ancient songs passed down from the elders.

The mountains are bowing to the sky.

The forest weeps.

The rivers flow in perfection, bathe in their sanctuary.

The earth under our feet, bare her fruits to feast.

We are the children of the horizon – where above and below meet.

Bow in humbleness, honor your spirit.

We are greatness, we are endless.

Share your visions and truth, carve it in stone.

Generations to come, must find their way home.

Want not; for fear is a mask.

Believe in what you ask, for you are never alone.

call to the wolf, let him teach you to heal.

Call to the Owl, for the wisdom to hear.

But what you take, you must also give.

Let Mother Earth teach you to live.

Free your soul to soar like the Crow.

We are one you know.

As sure as we breathe, we must see – the circle of existence, the stillness in beauty.

Love is simplicity.

 And so it shall be.


Blow By Blow


Rush the mind,
Flood the gates,
A feeble attempt,
To stop the break.
I give,
You take.
Washed away, on this day,
Was a lifetime of mistakes.
Down my spine, traces of anger,
You left your mark, I surrender.
Maybe this will be the last time?
Glassy eyes, I don’t know you.
Tear at my flesh, with each blow.
I hope you feel better now,
As you hold me to the ground,
I make no sound,
But I won’t let go.
There is a person inside,
You will never know,
You can scar my body,
But never my soul.


4 Am In The City

My eyes wrap around damp roadways,
The rain paints pebbles and concrete.
Pockets filled with napkins and change,
I hurry,
For nothing.
Stale days and numb nights,
Smoke scented hair,
I just sit and stair into the crowd.
Mixing ice in glass ponderings.
The music drowning me.
So why am I here?
I come out,
To dissapear.
The irony.
Footsteps, mellow walkway cliques,
The night air swallows me.
Painted doll,
Encased in envy,
The City,
Made me.

The Glass Jar

To the light, I hold the glass jar
What’s inside, I am wondering
A child’s whisper
Says follow me
Give in to your wonder, and make believe
The pictures come so vividly
As it bends my vision
And colors dance
I think of you, with innocence
How I wish I could give you this
Your mind needs a place to rest
Compassionate and comforting glass
On my shelf, and I never noticed
All the things you could be
I took for granted, your emptiness
And always filled it
Flowers will never do you justice
I now see this
As I forgot you were simply glass
As the prisms of colors dance on my walls
I see the gift you gave me
Of memories

The Long Mile

The beginning is never at the bottom,
People always start in the middle,
The endless riddle,
Cynical in the climb.
When you get to the top,
Take it all in,
There’s a steep drop.
The air gets you high,
Time flies by,
People become faces,
Memories are just places you’ve been.
No attachments,
What makes it relevant?
Welcome to the long mile,
The stretch of life,
Where you learn your lesson.
We are above nothing,
Just surviving.
Collect your templates,
Build your bridges,
Tie them to your back,
And carry them down the hill;
Don’t forget your will,
It’s always ten miles down…

Fame (the End Of Success)

Never bite the hands that feed you,
When you do,
They very thing you’ve searched for,
Loses truth.
You create the end,
Of a great success,
You can change this,
If you just listen, to whats being said.
After all, they listened to you.
It takes two,
You give your gift,
They help you soar,
These are the hands, you should adore.
So many faces, far off places
You’ll always feel the love,
Isn’t that enough?
The mirror of life wont lie,
To who you’ve become,
When you don’t listen anymore.


Moment Of The Child

Sitting in my window is, sweet simplicity

Slight is the breeze of light tranquility.

A moment in solitude, reflecting on my youth

Brought out a truth, deep inside of me.

Have I forgotten the days of innocence, when the sky was the limit.

Imagination flowed, with joy and purpose.

It’s still there, as I pull it to the surface.

Just sitting by my window, laughter fills my ears. It seeped through the years and reminded me to listen.

In a moment through the glass, the child from the past, was calling out to me.

Come and play and dream; spin endlessly, climb the tallest tree, ride on the breeze.

Have I forgotten the days of innocence?

When the sky was the limit?

Imaginations flowed with joy and purpose, it’s still there

Now I pulled it to the surface.

In just these moments, I let go, my heart will overflow;

My perspective as it’s shifted, made the energy round me lifted;

Then this child soared, like I never have before.

Look outside your window, let the time there flow.

It will find you and pull you through, nothing is really lost or hollow.

Remember all you were

Remember how to see

With the eyes of a child

Set your spirit free…




Deep in the hours of breathless movement;

I drift to a silence devouring my skin;

Racing up my spine, is a current of fire;

I feel you whisper across my neck,

Though my lust is esoteric, I let you in.

Words blur into pulsations of warmth.

From your lips to my mind, you taste sublime.

Do you feel me calling?

Close your eyes in meditation, my hands explore you in soft sensation;

Can you take it?

In the hours between two worlds. my fingers slip down through the surface.

Right on the edge, exhaling crimson tides, I begin to drip.

Can you feel me pulling?

Are you flowing with me?

Just beyond dreams, outside of reality, I can almost scream.

Move with me;

Entwined in the elements;

Beneath reason;

Under Luna;

Through the ether;

Cum with me.

Sacred energy, break boundaries…




How would you make a change, if you knew why you were here?

Once; just a idea – you’re now experience, you are the essence of being!

What if your life, was created as a lesson; not for selfish purpose – but to expand consciousness.

To deeply feel, How would you deal with it?

What if you started to remember the lives before; how you’ve already evolved – would you close the door?

Would you search for more?

How would you use your wisdom;  if you expanded your soul, would you see it as a whole – would your ego let go?

Can you expand your vision; see others a prism -we are not so different.

Some are not awake; but what would it take, to grow from each mistake?

We must heal the soul.

Listen to the voice; the music of your breath, vibrations and sensations – tune your mind to it.

Free your chains of karma, focus on your chakras.

The universe is listening; the eyes of truth upon us.

Love is the key to unity; it’s why we are and always will be…

Live without fear, believe in your dreams, reach out to others, because life IS change.

Nothing stays the same, work through your pain.

See all of the angles to master your fate.

Let your world dilate.

bring nature in, cause we are in everything. Can you understand – we never end.

The choices begin with YOU…

Look in my eyes, see your reflection; take hold of my hand, hope is perfection.

Come and run, under the sun – sing and create, lets open the gates for others to shine!

This is the time, make it the time, this is the LIFE we will soar.