Moment Of The Child

Sitting in my window is, sweet simplicity

Slight is the breeze of light tranquility.

A moment in solitude, reflecting on my youth

Brought out a truth, deep inside of me.

Have I forgotten the days of innocence, when the sky was the limit.

Imagination flowed, with joy and purpose.

It’s still there, as I pull it to the surface.

Just sitting by my window, laughter fills my ears. It seeped through the years and reminded me to listen.

In a moment through the glass, the child from the past, was calling out to me.

Come and play and dream; spin endlessly, climb the tallest tree, ride on the breeze.

Have I forgotten the days of innocence?

When the sky was the limit?

Imaginations flowed with joy and purpose, it’s still there

Now I pulled it to the surface.

In just these moments, I let go, my heart will overflow;

My perspective as it’s shifted, made the energy round me lifted;

Then this child soared, like I never have before.

Look outside your window, let the time there flow.

It will find you and pull you through, nothing is really lost or hollow.

Remember all you were

Remember how to see

With the eyes of a child

Set your spirit free…




2 thoughts on “Moment Of The Child

  1. the innocence of our youth is passed onto our children; see the world as they see it and you will once again find your days of innocence

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