Song Of The Forest

Eons beckon us to listen; Ancient songs passed down from the elders.

The mountains are bowing to the sky.

The forest weeps.

The rivers flow in perfection, bathe in their sanctuary.

The earth under our feet, bare her fruits to feast.

We are the children of the horizon – where above and below meet.

Bow in humbleness, honor your spirit.

We are greatness, we are endless.

Share your visions and truth, carve it in stone.

Generations to come, must find their way home.

Want not; for fear is a mask.

Believe in what you ask, for you are never alone.

call to the wolf, let him teach you to heal.

Call to the Owl, for the wisdom to hear.

But what you take, you must also give.

Let Mother Earth teach you to live.

Free your soul to soar like the Crow.

We are one you know.

As sure as we breathe, we must see – the circle of existence, the stillness in beauty.

Love is simplicity.

 And so it shall be.



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