She Went Away

The moment began, with what she already knew.

Why must her heart lead her this way? Does it have no mercy?

Why does she always believe? Illusions surround her for eternity.

Beautiful heart, but foolish mind, eyes that lead her have fallen blind.

Calling from the sea, is a thousand years. Give me your tears fallen woman.

Hush; lay down your soul, the waves will hold you close.

Kneeling at the shore, just once more, she sends her light.

Father of time, Mother of earth, she begs for understanding.

She begs for forgiveness for anything she’s done.

No self pity, no fear, just love.

Pouring from the sun, comes the healing one.

He whispers in his vibration, “I am all around you child, I am everything. I am here and now; I am nothing. I expand the worlds, I am creation, I am the light that pours through. I am one with you. One day you will return to the purity of being.”

She falls to pieces.

Her heart knows this pain and sorrow is the healing. Let go of all wants and expectations; for she must be free.

She will go into solitude and silence, for words no longer find their way. She will raise her babies; in joy and peace.

She will ask for no more, she will stay humble and honest. She is grateful for all that is.

The light fills her eyes, she is not to see the world the same; she lets the energy guide her.

A vessel, a student, a promise she will now keep.

Though she weeps, she is not asleep nor lost anymore.

She walked into the tide, and went away.


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