The Median Of Heaven

Magenta skies, churn and rush.
The heavens open up.
Mother earth raises her soul.
As above, so below.
You have me on my knees, brethren of nature.
Negative and positive clash and blend.
I hold out my hands, I take you in.
A posteriori.
You seep into me.
I am filled with your imagery.
The 4 directions release a reflection,
I call upon the east, I bathe in the rain.
I break the line between moment and gravity.
For we are the same.
Latitude and longitude, transverse and reverse.
Behold, the elements begin to converge.
We, are a metamorphosis of time.
We open the portal of dimensions.
In suspension from here and now.
I am sanctioned as I bow to thee.
I breathe your energy.
I’m alive in your mercy!
The storm rages on.

Yesterday’s Child (from Soul Words)

I am the momentary silence,

I am the aftermath of violence,

I come to numb the pain.

I am the picture frame, of your life.

The fear is closing all the doors,

These scars are prisoners of war.

The shame is like none you’ve known before.

How could this be a part of me you say?

Why did I let it go this way?

Where was my angel in disguise?

The tears that burn inside these eyes.

Don’t hate; the world is not your crutch.

Don’t wait; time only heals so much.

Trust; a word I rarely use.

Child; she was abused.

Let it heal; the pain was real.

Each day you try to feel.

Each time you open up your book;

Each time you take a closer look;

You find the healing’s started.

Believe in yourself;

You’re not Yesterdays child.

(This poem was written at age 16 years old and published first in 2002 then again in 2005)

Her Song ( written May 13 2007)

Beautiful echo, this world is so hollow;

Each step you follow, leads you further away.

My soul tried to whisper, a song in your ears;

But your fearful eyes, brought me nothing but tears.

So I stepped back.

Beautiful mystery, this moment of envy;

Washes over my body, like melted maybe.

My life tried to walk by yours, but you closed all the doors.

Just like before, I had to step back.

In the middle of this room, There’s a riddle left to bloom.

Silent and hoping,

Yet never knowing…

In the center of this mind, there’s a string that’s left untied.

You’re so filled up with pride, I wish you could be blind.

So you would really see me.

Beautiful portrait of a silent man;

His life in his hands, but circles never end.

So in his quest, to always have the best;

He overlooked her light, let his chance go bye.

She never turned around, he never seen her cry.

In the middle of his room, there was hope that never bloomed.

Silent and now alone, he’s tormented to the bone.

Now he’ll never know, cause he had to let her go.

Take It Back (2007)

Do you dream in color?

Do you hope in black and white?

Do you wish you had the answers?

Have you broken down?  Caved in? Cried?

Does anger fule your fire?

Do you sleep to get away? Do you drink to numb the pain?

Do the days seem the same?

How will you break this chain?

Will it help if you give it a name?

The face is still the same.

Is situation what you blame;

That stops you from the change?

Fear just turns life black;  it never gives you slack.

Don’t waste your life in misery;

Cause you can never take it back.

Quid a me petis, Domine?

Father, please father, these words weep.

I pray for guidence, I can no longer see.

Spinning out of control, I lost my whole;

Lost my clarity.

I open my life up to you, my soul is begging.

Universe have mercy, in my love I bleed.

I ask of you nothing but simplicity.

I take each lesson, in humble humility.

I give thanks for your beauty, For the chance to be free.

I came to this earth, for a healing re-birth.

Never asked why, in the times of darkness.

I held to your light, that poured from the sky.

I feel to be kind, to love and shine.

I try to have compassion and empathy.

But I let my mind get the best of me.

Father hear my heart, no pride or selfish wants.

I understand not, what is asked of me.

Blinded by mistakes, there was no violet flame;

I bow my head in shame, show me the way.

Creation is a gift, I take for granted never.

Lifetimes pouring, from visions soaring;

Like vibrations felt in Heaven.

In this pain, I speak your name;

Quid a me petis, Domine?

In this lifetime…

Just Existing

In these words, you will not find imagination
In this poem, there is no lesson.
This soul is very tired, through all of my progression.
Life has been very hard this time; I am beaten to the ground;
Though my faith will never waiver, the tears now have no sound.
Years creep up like a silent sentence, so much time I gave repentance
But everyone falls.

So this is the bottom of my world, no further can I go
Every mistake I own, every heart I broke, every evil I spoke
I see the karmic flow.
In these words, I come to terms, with death and birth;
Beginnings and endings, just surrendering my life.
I’m so very tired, it all seems nonsense
All this pain and suffering, because in the end
We all meet again.
We all comprehend.
We all become whole.
We all becomes souls of eternal light.
Our time here makes it right.
In these shallow pros, I reap what I sew.
For now, I’m just existing.


Trace The Muse

Kiss my mouth, kiss my hands, in the sky we meet again.
There is no promise, there are no vows.
Kneeling down, we melt through the ground.
Feed my mind and blend in my soul,
Entwine in my hair and breathe me whole.
Coil your hands around my body,
Move with me slowly, let me show you;
How I want you.
Kiss my spine, kiss my eyes,
In the sun, we are violet fire.

Hear the echo in your core, let your fingers come explore.
Taste me Muse, pull me in.
Pour yourself over my electric skin.

I want to slide in your senses, let down your defenses.
Like water and rain, you paint my skin.
This is love, not forbidden sin.

In the shadows, when I am alone.
My hands trace places I want you to roam.
Flooding waters rise then fall, I am yours
When you call…


I Wait (from Soul Words 2005)

Life expands us; we strive and thrive for understanding.
What is a soul without balance?
Can we help but search for a connection?
Another being, without rejection, opens their world to us.
Surreal is the moment you see;
The reflection of your destiny in someone’s face.
When two opinions, find some sort of answer;
In the same space.
It’s a sixth sense, a soul’s essence.
Where could you be? Do you come while I sleep?
Will we ever meet?
As sure as I breathe, I wait…

15 years

Was not a simple day, the vibes were clear
No amount of talking would bring you near.
Forced smiles, idle chatter,
Tension in the air, nothing matters.
How did we come this far, to stand still?
Have we had our fill of each other?
Has time made us a bore?
Did we choose to ignore the signs?
When we’re apart, we missed each other.
When we came back, feeling relaxed,
It goes right back to the fighting.
We were a team, good memories.
Years of holding each other together.
Promises can fade, nothing’s forever.
This does not make us weak.
This will not destroy our family.
To stay together, is tormenting each other.
It hurts like hell now, you feel like you drowned;
Like the life you built, just burned to the ground.
It did not feel right anymore.
Why don’t we let go?
Afraid of being alone?
This is all we know, you and me.

But we all grow, its human nature you know?
We evolve, we learn
We are not yesterday.
We loved each other,
We know each other.
But time changes everyone.
What was strong, when we did get along?
Has become a past memory.
We did not lose, we did not fail;
We did not break a fairytale.
We just moved on.
What was needed then, we filled.
Let’s be kind to each other;
Smile at good times,
Be there for the children,
With lives on our own.
Let go…

Between Sound

What is the sound, between silence and awareness?
Can you hear it surround us?
Has life become a broadcast of white noise and chaos?
We have to stop and focus.
This is not how humanity should reflect its core.
We are meant for much more.
On the right side of contemplation, is a visual sensation;
A series of pulsations, the here and now.
It runs along the parallel of mind and time.
The tone is bright and deep, surge and breathe.
The morphing of indigo with electricity – fills the void.
Set your vibration to the transformation and soar.
Another world to explore.
Superimposed and closer then you know, is the matrix river that overflows.
Travel between light, and mortal suggestions;
Here we are endless and meet in perfection.
Till the sun brings us home.

Spin (This Is It)

Don’t spend your life, looking for a sign,
Don’t spend time, waiting for the sun to shine
You’ve got to know by now, the only way how
Breathe and be, love and dream, hope and see
This is how you find the key.

Don’t spend your days is a haze of thought
Use what you’re taught
The only way to evolve
Don’t spend money on crystal balls
Cause when it falls, it breaks just like your world
You’ve got to believe by now, the only way how
Breathe and be, love and dream, hope and see
This is how you set yourself free

There is no set of rules, that shows you the clues
There is no mighty text, that will make you perplexed
There is no magic spell, that you must dwell
It’s all on you, to see the truth
No matter how you find it
You’ve got to open your mind to it

Don’t try to control the sensations
Don’t try to hear revelations
You should know by now, the only way how
Is by falling down, reaching out, holding your ground
Turn around, feel the life you have found

There is no wrong in lust, there is beauty in it when you trust
There in no sin in wanting to touch, desire is the fire of love
It comes from above, let it spin from the lotus in your heart

Spin, let it in, spin, with all of creation, Spin into your healing
This is it.

The Magi Of The Nebula

Surge of energy; encompass my being, flight of the mind to a space so high
Forward projection, a solar intersection, I can’t stop!
Blast through the atmosphere, the sonic boom meets me here.
Void of fear, just racing through the spheres;
Life takes shapes, in worlds far away, blending in the galaxy,
The solar system passes through me.
Like a true alchemist, I exist for this;
Like a fire in the sky, I feel my senses fly;
Vast and great are the heavenly eyes.
The hum of time meets creation;
Magnetic resonance becomes elation.
Constellations of vibrations; bring on my initiation.
My life changes shape, I exhale and break through
Light of blue, light of gold, shades of vision take their hold
Contact and concentrate, the Universe dilates and pulls me on
I am here and I am gone, I am many, I am one.
I am the horizon, the parallel line;
Transmitting a frequency from beyond.
Silver lining in the sky, not to be seen with the naked eye;
Can you read my mind?
Take me over, pull me in, push me to the outer limits
I am vast, I am the key;
Speeding through reality.
Cosmos bathe me with your knowledge,
Infuse me when I reach the gates;
Spinning with the violet rays,
I bow down to humanity.
I heed your calling…


The Man Inside The Mind

It’s not your image that made me weak;
It’s not the shallow that I seek.
Can you believe me if I say, t’was your light that blew me away?
Like a solar blanket of love in motion, drew me from my darkened ocean.
This joy poured through, and made me soar;
I could hear your voice as it ran through my core.
Melodic and pure.
You blended in my senses, left my heart breathless;
Your shine is endless, I could not prevent this.
Like warmth from the fire, you pull me higher;
I flush with desire, my mind feels alive.
I’ve lost all sense of time and space, my soul feels creative;
I’m no longer afraid to feel.
Unity, convergence, The many worlds heard this,
Now I feel the Universe thrive.
My love is truth, I see this through you;
With this, I can let go, because I know, you cannot return it.


Super Star! (from Soul Words) 2005

Staring blankly into the faces,

The crowd is screaming,
But you’re numb to the feeling.
Lights are bright, reflective insight,
Be who you are, a superstar.
But will it take you far in the light of day?

Analyzing all the lyrics,
Egocentric-partially plastic,
Come to paint the world fantastic.

Grasping the dream of glamour and fashion,
Filling a void,
But it’s never lasted.
What a big mistake,
What a toll it will take,
When the image breaks.

But then it’s too late,
And the world is captivated,
From an ideal,
From nothing real.
Are you able to heal?
When you’re numb to feel.

Lost In The Music

What a long afternoon,
Shortchanged on blue skies,
Can’t stand the radio, disgusted with the news.
Nothing holds my interest,
Feeling moody and restless.

Daydreaming seems so morose.
Can’t even choose my next meal
Stuck on some ideal,
On how I should feel.

On days like these,
Wish I could just sleep,
Fall to pieces and weep.

Hours drag and hang around,
Just to get dressed, make the bed, puts me out.
Not depressed, not feeling stressed,
Just bored and unfocused.

Read a book, turn off the phone,
Rainy day to keep me home.
On days like these, nothing seems to please,
Don’t know what I want,
Can’t tell what I need.

Some say it’s the planets,
Some claim it’s the weather,
Lack of vitamins, lack of challenge,
I think I’ll manage.

Take out my headphones,
Get lost in the music,
On days like these,
It’s all that should happen.


Wrapped In Pavement (from Soul Words) 2005

He sees through her narcissistic ways
And laughs as she gets frustrated
The crowds gaze her up and down
She looks at her face
When no ones around
N.Y. has her wrapped up in pavement

So used and spent
Days come and went
Even the friends have walked away
Not knowing what to say

The faimly she’s left behind
Stay close in her mind
He is serious
But kind to her
A woman some call mother
A weekend lover
Chasing a dream

She is not what she seems
He breaks her chain
Takes the anger and pain
Holds up the morror
To her blinded eyes
“This is what I see”
He whispers
A fragmented reflection
As the world swallows me

Pandora’s Box

Insomnia’s sheath,
Poor over solemn eyes,
She looks in the mirror,
To some how recognize this life.
Mind frame, coiled around surprise.

Pandora’s box, was there all the while.
Why was it locked?
To keep her out;
To draw her in?
Wandering years caught up,
Race through her mind.

The rush makes her choke,
Screams rise in her throat like smoke.
It’s the calm before the storm,
Some how keeping her warm.
The mirror seems worn now.

She shakes the box,
She breaks the lock,
Desperate for the answers it’s got.

Hands tremble, breath shallow,
Scintillating in her moist skin.
She savors this moment.
Pale comes over her,
Like wind, rain and night,
Rolled into one.
The box is empty;


The temptation, the tension,
Some mortal redemption;
The search, the lust;
Was not really knowing
The inside of the box


Where does time go?
Does it slip into memory?
Only to haunt us vividly.
Ghosts of emotion,
We give our devotion,
We keep them alive,
In our dreams they survive.

Seems so real,
How they make us feel,
Let go,
Time also heals.
Promises made,
Never forget,
Guilt turns to regret,
We cannot stop time.

Clinging to the mind,
We get caught in rewind,
Seeking to justify,
Their loss of life.
Then it finally comes clear,
The ghost held so dear,
Is simply love,
Always was.

It’s not their face,
Or a sacred place,
A photograph,
How they made us laugh.
It’s what they helped us see,
When we set them free.

Without surrendering,
A part of yourself,
To a cerebral haunting….


Impulse (from Soul Words) 2005

The center of gravity pulls in a new day.
The point where daydreams define their traits.
Something stirred you out of your element;
Is it relevant, to what you believe?

There’s a fine line between what’s fact, and what’s fiction;
Imagination is what keeps the friction.
You need this tension to sir your sensations,
Concept drives you to contemplation.
Night and day, clash and blend,
Inhale the dream. Breathe deep.
She wraps you in her sanctuary.

Conjured from your secret whim,
Your slumbering hours, let her in.
Wrenching you from your comfort zone,
You reach for her, to take you home.

Impulse takes you, curiosity breaks you.
Tone and torment cannot wake you.
Thrust and taste, pull and play.
She knows how to get her way.

Liquids flow from darkened waters,
Rushing from your sacred quarters
Never will you feel the same,
The savage beauty has you tamed.



To the sun I whisper, ‘I’ve lost my way, as I pray, I seek’.

The golden one that burns in the sun covers my ears, so I hear what I need.

‘Child you are weary, your light is weak, in this way you’ve come to me.

You have asked in purity, for the Universe to heal thee, and so it shall be.

Trial by air, water and fire; each element of you will guide you higher.  The lessons are yours alone.

Alone to renew, but surrounding you are  the masters of light.  Magnetic and bright, you hear them in blue silence.

Child you are not sin, you are not lust nor temptation; such is the mind of frustration.

Love is never penitence, such is guilt from human reason; not from creation.

Those who bind themselves into others from fear of pain, cannot gain, it’s self depleting.

Love is not self worth or sensation, it is above all being; it flows in each breath.

This, you shall never have to ask for; the love you are, is the love that IS.

Remember you chose to experience life, this is just a level of  self.

Each has a whole, a center, expanding. Time is movement of awareness, not a measure of how or why you are HERE.

You have eyes to see, but perception needs to be free; vision is not external, it is fragmented.

You have voice to speak, but chose your words with truth and intention, for many are awakened and can hear you.

Those who sleep, such words will ignite a fire and the rose and indigo flame will burn brighter.

Listen deeply, not to the sound of reason but to the intuition of vibration from each soul.

Indeed we are not separated, for each vibration has a space of existence, a different light from the same source.

Live in each moment, for the future is the mind, the past is the beginning and Now is everything.’

From the sun, the golden one burns my soul in beautiful healing.

Back To Isolation

I came from the shadows, from a fear of being shunned.

I felt like a abomination of creation, but opened my heart.

I knew this would happen, because I felt alone.

A heart drew me in, a light drew me close;

I closed my eyes and walked through the unknown.

But the door you closed, my mind has been blown.

Had I been mistaken? Did I read it all wrong?

Should I never have trusted my soul all along?

I have betrayed my self trust, in self destruction.

I wanted so badly to believe, that this hand reaching out to me, would never hurt.

I’ve learned.

 Be careful what you beg the universe for, with blinders on, it can all go wrong.

I’m a gentle light, I give love without bounds.

I never meant to cause pain or trouble while I am around.

Why contact me, make some connection, then put up a wall, it feels like deception.

You brought me from the deep, a place I was safe, now out in the open, I feel a disgrace.

In tears I bow my head, I lost my friend. Not sure I understand.

I feel like a freak, the secrets I told you, the things I felt;

Was it real? Am I going insane? I am left to question everything.

Is this how I am to heal? Was the connection in my head?

My heart feels dead now, and I sink back into isolation.

The Rebel

My world has faded, like the pages of an old book;

Edges worn, corners torn;

Read and put on the shelf.

Words chosen carefully, forming a story;

Characters reminding me of my fragmented self.


Painted vividly, within trepidation;

My life yields to reason.

Where is the rebel?

Has she fallen through the cracks?

Can I bring her back?


Revised and revamped, the cities her tramp;

Go back to the days, were she’d dance in the subway;

Lipstick and magic were painted like plastic on her face.

Why did it fade away?

Where is the rebel?

Nonconformist ambition, filled with superstition;

Laughing at society;

Had you told her one day, that would be me;

She’d of tossed her hair, like you were not there;

Ruby lips, pursed in a kiss;

Eyes like stars, so far away.

The rebel would never believe it.