Back To Isolation

I came from the shadows, from a fear of being shunned.

I felt like a abomination of creation, but opened my heart.

I knew this would happen, because I felt alone.

A heart drew me in, a light drew me close;

I closed my eyes and walked through the unknown.

But the door you closed, my mind has been blown.

Had I been mistaken? Did I read it all wrong?

Should I never have trusted my soul all along?

I have betrayed my self trust, in self destruction.

I wanted so badly to believe, that this hand reaching out to me, would never hurt.

I’ve learned.

 Be careful what you beg the universe for, with blinders on, it can all go wrong.

I’m a gentle light, I give love without bounds.

I never meant to cause pain or trouble while I am around.

Why contact me, make some connection, then put up a wall, it feels like deception.

You brought me from the deep, a place I was safe, now out in the open, I feel a disgrace.

In tears I bow my head, I lost my friend. Not sure I understand.

I feel like a freak, the secrets I told you, the things I felt;

Was it real? Am I going insane? I am left to question everything.

Is this how I am to heal? Was the connection in my head?

My heart feels dead now, and I sink back into isolation.


One thought on “Back To Isolation

  1. Every time I read your work I feel like giving you a BIG soul hug. Great stuff, and its always just dripping with sensitivity!

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