To the sun I whisper, ‘I’ve lost my way, as I pray, I seek’.

The golden one that burns in the sun covers my ears, so I hear what I need.

‘Child you are weary, your light is weak, in this way you’ve come to me.

You have asked in purity, for the Universe to heal thee, and so it shall be.

Trial by air, water and fire; each element of you will guide you higher.  The lessons are yours alone.

Alone to renew, but surrounding you are  the masters of light.  Magnetic and bright, you hear them in blue silence.

Child you are not sin, you are not lust nor temptation; such is the mind of frustration.

Love is never penitence, such is guilt from human reason; not from creation.

Those who bind themselves into others from fear of pain, cannot gain, it’s self depleting.

Love is not self worth or sensation, it is above all being; it flows in each breath.

This, you shall never have to ask for; the love you are, is the love that IS.

Remember you chose to experience life, this is just a level of  self.

Each has a whole, a center, expanding. Time is movement of awareness, not a measure of how or why you are HERE.

You have eyes to see, but perception needs to be free; vision is not external, it is fragmented.

You have voice to speak, but chose your words with truth and intention, for many are awakened and can hear you.

Those who sleep, such words will ignite a fire and the rose and indigo flame will burn brighter.

Listen deeply, not to the sound of reason but to the intuition of vibration from each soul.

Indeed we are not separated, for each vibration has a space of existence, a different light from the same source.

Live in each moment, for the future is the mind, the past is the beginning and Now is everything.’

From the sun, the golden one burns my soul in beautiful healing.


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