Where does time go?
Does it slip into memory?
Only to haunt us vividly.
Ghosts of emotion,
We give our devotion,
We keep them alive,
In our dreams they survive.

Seems so real,
How they make us feel,
Let go,
Time also heals.
Promises made,
Never forget,
Guilt turns to regret,
We cannot stop time.

Clinging to the mind,
We get caught in rewind,
Seeking to justify,
Their loss of life.
Then it finally comes clear,
The ghost held so dear,
Is simply love,
Always was.

It’s not their face,
Or a sacred place,
A photograph,
How they made us laugh.
It’s what they helped us see,
When we set them free.

Without surrendering,
A part of yourself,
To a cerebral haunting….



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