Impulse (from Soul Words) 2005

The center of gravity pulls in a new day.
The point where daydreams define their traits.
Something stirred you out of your element;
Is it relevant, to what you believe?

There’s a fine line between what’s fact, and what’s fiction;
Imagination is what keeps the friction.
You need this tension to sir your sensations,
Concept drives you to contemplation.
Night and day, clash and blend,
Inhale the dream. Breathe deep.
She wraps you in her sanctuary.

Conjured from your secret whim,
Your slumbering hours, let her in.
Wrenching you from your comfort zone,
You reach for her, to take you home.

Impulse takes you, curiosity breaks you.
Tone and torment cannot wake you.
Thrust and taste, pull and play.
She knows how to get her way.

Liquids flow from darkened waters,
Rushing from your sacred quarters
Never will you feel the same,
The savage beauty has you tamed.



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