Lost In The Music

What a long afternoon,
Shortchanged on blue skies,
Can’t stand the radio, disgusted with the news.
Nothing holds my interest,
Feeling moody and restless.

Daydreaming seems so morose.
Can’t even choose my next meal
Stuck on some ideal,
On how I should feel.

On days like these,
Wish I could just sleep,
Fall to pieces and weep.

Hours drag and hang around,
Just to get dressed, make the bed, puts me out.
Not depressed, not feeling stressed,
Just bored and unfocused.

Read a book, turn off the phone,
Rainy day to keep me home.
On days like these, nothing seems to please,
Don’t know what I want,
Can’t tell what I need.

Some say it’s the planets,
Some claim it’s the weather,
Lack of vitamins, lack of challenge,
I think I’ll manage.

Take out my headphones,
Get lost in the music,
On days like these,
It’s all that should happen.



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